Informing police of purchase

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Jubbles, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. I have bought a new rifle but do not have the letter used to inform them of a sale/purchase etc of a firearm on an FAC

    Have looked on leicestershire's website but it is not their to download or even view, can anyone please help me?
  2. Just write them a letter telling them who you are and what you've bought.
  3. BASC to the rescue again!

    Document Summary
  4. Thanky TT, give yourself a pat on the back from me
  5. A simple letter along the lines of:

    "Dear rozzers,
    I just bought a high powered sniper-rifle and loads of pills for it. You will never take me alive, copper. Mwahahahaha.
    I remain your obedient servant etc."
  6. Some forces are happy to accept notification by email. The FLO here (Hampshire) more or less insisted on me doing it that way - but make sure you ask for ack so you know it's got through.
  7. That's new news. Hampshire enclose one (or more) of their forms every time they send one something in the mail. Second, unlike fax for example, email still has no legal standing.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Pretty much all police forces will be happy with a letter that contains the following information:

    Date of transaction

    Your name
    Certificate Number

    Seller's name/Company
    RFD or Certificate number

    Type of firearm bought/sold (shotgun/rifle)
    Brand name of firearm (CZ etc)
    Action/System (Over & Under/Bolt Action/Semi Auto etc)
    Calibre (be sure to put both metric and imperial down if your force wants it)
    Serial Number

    You will note that you have 7 days to notifiy them of such a transaction. If you aren't going to physically give it to your FEO or drop it into the firearms unit's office, you should post it by recorded delivery so you have proof of your compliance if it goes missing. If you wish to email them, and have their permission to notify that way, ensure you request a 'read receipt' or 'received receipt', and if you don't get that confirmation within 48 hours, phone them to confirm their receipt of your email.

    It's important you do this because if you fail to notify within the given timescale, you are in breech of your licence conditions, and this is an offence, and if your relationship is rocky, you'll get bounced.
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    West Mids are happy with an email, may be worth giving your force a phone call? The RFD I got my shotgun from filled in the form that they needed while I was there, should I have wanted to post it to them. I emailed them instead and they confirmed they're happy with this within the hour!

    Info as Biped/BASC suggest.
  10. Warwickshire Police used to give out a number of 'if you buy or sell, tell' leaflets you could fill in when you purchased a new shooter, pretty handy really.

    I've just renewed my FAC and got just the new ticket and nothing else, not even a new plastic wallet thingy.

    Progress I suppose!