Informing employers about joining the TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by glyn m, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. I have just taken the step and informed my employer about me joining (applying for) the TA.

    No problems, and I hope like all employers, a very positive and good for you response!
  2. Thanks for sharing that with the group.
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  3. Arent you obliged to do that anyway? Inform my employer I mean, not share with the group. Just remember, when youre in the gym, ask the PTI where he gets his hair done. They are vain, and love bragging about such things.
  4. You are yes, but your not told exactly when you have to do it,
  5. Erm, I would suggest it would be good to talk to your employer when you are 1st considering joining the TA. That you you will know their thoughts on the subject i.e. are they going to release you if and when needed.
  6. I believe it's a fluid situation, depends on the job you got.
    And not just that, some people might want to wait to see if things like they pass he first few interviews / barb, pre selection etc.
    And then with full factual information, and knowing that you 100% wish to proceed telling your employer is the next step.
    You can step out of the process at any time, so if your employer throws their toys, you can decide on what to do.

    But I do agree with you, that if you can, and you have a good relationship with your employer. That you speak to them first.
    Like I checked to see if my employees hand book would stop me from taking other employment etc.
  7. Very true. You should use the correct military terms too such as 'steely eyed dealer of death, battle hardened and veteran.'

    Tell them you're ready to make the ultimate sacrifice on the killing fields of Yardley Chase and Buckingham Tofts.

    Good luck soldier.
  8. Yardley Chase ? You weren't there man, you can't take the pain away <1000 yard stare>
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  9. Unless you want to fall foul of the metrification police, the correct wording nowadays is the <914.4 metre stare>.
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