A novel way of recruiting new snouts!
Jimmy1234 said:
If anyone is attached to 25 Eng Regt or 39 Eng Regt at Waterbeach could you please PM me as i have a few questions.
Here's the deal. You PM me with your questions, and make it quick, I've got a flight to catch!


Jimmy1234 said:
What are you? (if you dont mind telling me)

Well 25 are at Waterbeach & 39 are at uummmmm Waterbeach.

Trust this helps.
Jimmy1234 said:
Just wondering what the unit is up too? not much

How intergrated are the det? slug has had most of them

Any tours coming up? yup, they are going shopping when they get home

How many people does the det send on tour? most of them

What are you? (if you dont mind telling me) a slaaaaaag


Just replying for slug as she has a plane to catch.

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