Information wars

Pardons if this has been done but:

I stumbled upon this brilliant piece penned by a former Lt. Col. in the US Air Force who argues that there is a very real but invicible front in the war in Iraq that doesnt involve arms but is very costly too. He argues that America and Britain are engaged in a very involved and deliberate propaganda campaign against not only the people of Iraq but also against the free world.

In America, this is clearly illegal as stipulated by the smith-mundt act of 1948 which prohibits domestic distribution of information intended for foreign audiences.

Read in it's entirety, this article which was published in 2005, is a damning indictment of the Bush-Blair goverments and might explain why the publics of the two countries have been largely dormant and unquestioning about the conduct of this ignominious war.

This issue was brought to light when Rummy was recently yanked out of forced retirement to answer questions from the US Congress especially from on man calle Dennis Kucinich.

It is a long read but very informative if read with an open mind.

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