Information Wanted

Hi, I'm new to this place............... there is something that's troubling me.

Why am I a SNIFF TEST MAN when I'm a girl??

Who decides what I am????

Never mind what I am - Who am I and what am I doing here?? ???

Confused Sniff Test Man x x


technicaly its correct cos you already have a man in your title  ;)    wo(man)   we are just too lazy to put "wo " in, those 2 key inputs would be better served picking up the coffee next to me  ;D
If you are a girl then I volunteer to undertake a sniff test on you.

It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.



If you really wanna get your rocks off why not buy a pheremone spray.

A lot less bovva than gerrin yerself tangled with a woman!  :eek:
Jesus!! I just dropped my bacon sandwhich!!!!

The mind is a powerful but dirty thing!! Let it be me Catnip! For the love of god let it be meeeeeee!!!!!!!!

:p  :p  :p  :p  :p  :p
If you really wanna get your rocks off why not buy a pheremone spray.  
Because a pheremone spray doesn't have breasts or give head.
That's sick!


Its not sick if you are from 3 Para Mortar Pl......its an SOP ;D
Captain cash, if you was on 3 Paras Mortar line you should have a ballon knott like a wombat venturi ;D

How do you know that Catnip ain't a blokie...

<<<<Now has theme from "The crying game" going round in his napper

Piccie proof please.
You can post it on here, so we can get a squad average on whether you're a babe or not :)
A piccy with your norks out preferably ;D
Preferably with you best girlfriends norks out as well

:) :)


We are both ladies and haven't got hairy chests or nobs

I made the assumption on the basis of the little pink symbol on the left of C-N-T's posts. And besides I dont care. This job is sending me crazy. May a man not dream????

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