Information wanted on 2nd army group Royal Artillery

I recently returned froma battlefield tour. On the tour an ex gunner asked me if I could find any info on the unit which he drew a div sign for me. I googled div signs and eventually found something similar. I am not exactly sure what he wants me to find out. He was in 40 Regt around 1957 and did National service, where he was based in the Canal zone and Cyprus.

Any info would be a help.



The Regiment served in Dortmund until 1954, when it deployed to the Suez Canal Zone during the Suez Crisis. Immediately afterwards in 1955, the Regiment deployed again to carry out counter insurgency operations against the EOKA terrorists in Cyprus.
Which battery was he with? Between 1950-80 40 Field Regiment was 38 137 & 129. 40 Field Regiment still exists and each battery has its history. I am sure the old comrades will be glad to hear from him.

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