Information to assist son in career choice

I have a lad looking to go to Winchester in about 1.5 years. he is interested in Comms and IT
He is looking at the following( in order i think)
Royals Signals
Inst Tech
Comms Sys Eng
what used to be RAD OP now driver comms spec
HR used be staff clerk in old money

Any help or ideas re career path ,opportunites, transferable skills , and daily life/working in a unit. And how would you rate each one . I think CSE is his first choice but which is the next best ?
Many thanks
If he's looking at I.T/Comms then CSE would be the best bet, I believe this is Comms Sys Eng.
Good skills for civvy street and on the higher pay band. I think for those suitable, promotion to LCpl follows after training on completion of a potential NCO's course.
im an install tech and from what i hear between my job and CSE they are both pretty good in civi street, depends what type of work he wants to do.
install tech is more hands on with regards to fiber optics, structured wiring, fault finding etc. if he has any questions about what iv done so far just send me a msg on here. i have just finished phase 2 and heading to my unit shortly.


My lad was after the same. Conclusion was that RSIGS did not offer as much as the RAF. (At least I can tell his mother he is not in the military). Take an unbiased look and see what you/he thinks.
He is very focused on the Army ( hes a cadet ,done an insight course etc) and he sees the RAF as 3rd choice behind the Navy.The reduction in numbers of the RAF (and Navy) will see it being hard to get it just on the numbers game( was talking to an ex crab at work who said that when he joined in the 80s there was 90000 in the RAF and thenthe reduction started and he moved from based to base in Germany as they closed the RAF is now about 39000 now i think). He will be 5th generation Army if he goes in.
Would add that the Army seem to look after the Junior entry better with the colleges at Harrogate and Winchester where as the the Navy/RAF just put 16/17 old s in with the rest.

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