Information Technology in the ACF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Country_Bumpkin, May 20, 2006.

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  1. What sort of IT support and equipment do various ACF counties have around the UK?

    C_B's thought for the day: Isn't the world wide web a marvellous thing? First of all, it's world wide, which means anyone with half a brain cell and phone line can use it anywhere in the world and anytime of the day. Secondly, it's a web, which means everything is interlinked. Thirdly it's anonymous - anyone can pretend to be anyone else - and some people even naively believe everything that is said. Perhaps the greatest tool for sharing knowledge in the world - anyone who knows the slightest little thing about an animal, mineral, vegetable or person can improve their knowledge just by surfing the internet - there is that much publicly available information already you see. But all this knowledge and freedom is moderated and doesn't come without a price. However, as long as you keep within the bounds of confidentiality, name no names (unless in the public domain already), stick to the truth and keep to the realms of publicly available information. Obey these rules and there'll be no stifling of public debate.
  2. And your point is?
  3. Don't worry about the point. You French? You're certainly not ACF!
  4. Je ne crois pas que je sois.
  5. Le fait de baiser très bizarre.
  6. On a serious note, the web is 99% rubbish. It is not anonymous, your IP address is there for all to see. But yes, is it a good resource and is better then bimbling down to the library. Good luck in the ACF.

  7. Read your second sentence then read the first. then read your first sentence and think about where you published it and follow this link here. Then think about making up stats.
  8. Intriguing; I guessed at the %. I apologise, clearly I'm wrong.
  9. aah but are you as if what you said is ture then the web link is probally wrong?
    (sorry im I've had a bad day and feel like winding people up)
  10. Have you been at the White Lightning? s.p.! Let me have the correct link.
  11. nah, just revising.
    what I mean by the previous post is that some one telling you that it is wrong maybe wrong them selfs, I must confess that I did not read the link before I posted it and it does not seem to make any sense.

    I think that this thread is a candidate for the arrse hole.
  12. Agreed.
  13. Yes guys, you appear to have gone off track (led by me, granted). The thought for the day has a purpose.

    The question is "What sort of IT support and equipment do various ACF counties have around the UK?"

    Woopert - KYFHO for the moment - we may yet get back on track.
  14. Our county has a few laptops and a couple of the projectors for them for powerpoints etc. However these are difficult to get hold of at unit level.
  15. We are in the process of applying for a grant to get a laptop with net access and a phone line into most of our dets.

    We have an IT suite at our CTC but I'm not really sure what for? :?