Information systems engineer or Installation technitian

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by heavydee, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Can an one help me .iam joining the royal signalls and want to know which of the two trades (is engineer and istallation technitian )has a high chance of imployability in the civillian world thank you
  2. I can imagine that you'll get more replies in the Royal Signals section of the board, rather than the property section.
  3. or perhaps the mong spelling section
    sorry but c'mon, you want to join the signals
    is english your 3rd or 4th language? :roll:
  4. Yeah, the Royal Signals would have been a better forum. need to be aware that Info Sys Engr is no longer available. It's now Comms Sys Engr. Both are equally employable outside the mob and both are excellent trades. If you want to work with comms infrastructure like fibre optic cables and copper cables, connectors and tools then go Inst Tech. It's a great hands on trade with options to get down and dirty. If you want to work with radio systems, IT kit, multiplexers, routers and switches then it's the Engr trade all the way - basically ICT and Telecoms systems engineer.

    Good luck.