Information required please?

I've recieved my postint information and I am due to 'rock up' to sunny Catterick in june?

Anyone got any info on what it is like?


June is traditionally seen as one of the warmer months during our calender. It also has lots of festivals, Glastonbury, IoW and the summer solstice.

Catterick is in Yorkshire, and whilst the tea is nice, its always cold even in least it always seemed to be cold whenever i went there!

Thre are also lots of soldiers there would you believe! Keep away from 'em, most of them are nasty buggers.
Have you tried apologizing to the person(s) you've so obviously upset?
If your looking for advice about basic training TBH im not sure its worth it. Im sure people can give you all sorts of specifics about basic at catterick etc but chances are by the time you get there your head will be in such a spin you wont remember much, if any of it.

If you have no previous military experience (such as TA or cadets of whatever) you are going to find yourself in a whole new world and much of it will be utterly incomprehensible at first. The army really is a strange place when you look into it from the outside!

My advice is simple, and this will last you throughout your army career (and you will soon find out its good advice) remember:

1) Keep your mouth shut and ears open

2) Bullshit baffles brains

When I say its my advice...its advice i was given years ago and am happy to pass on as i found out it was good advice!

So in practice what does this advice mean? Well your going to be asked to do many things which frankly make no sense and seem pretty petty/unrealistic/daft. You may be tempted to say ' but corporal why do i need to lay out my locker in this precise fashion?' or a variation on that. Dont ask! Just say 'yes corporal!' and then do you best to lay your locker out in a precise fashion. Trust me, your life will be a lot easier if you just go with the flow and dont question everything.

Basically STFU and do as your told to the best of your ability... you watch what happens to the gobby fcukers!
Just make sure you tell your training corporal that you was in the cadets and you know how to do everything, he will leave you alone and not beast you.
Cheap Beer and Fish n Chips. Great if you can get up to Newcastle for a night out. Dales is also on your door step. Sure looks like every other garrison town, but it happens to be in the best county in the country!
What unit you off to - A REME Bn by chance? If so; commiserations!

Catterick - Managed a two week TA camp there a couple of years ago. Glad to leave to be honest.
Most units are on tour in afghan so expect loads of orderly officer duties, which unit you tipping up at if its mine most emelets transfer in to said regiment as they are a load of pissed up lay abouts who like high jinks and blowing the windows out of the nearby guardroom.
6thstring said:
Nice. However I won't be doing basic training... i will be arriving as a fresh faced 2lt (Awaits flak)!
Just remember the wheel has already been invented and it works just fine.
vampireuk said:
6thstring said:
Nice. However I won't be doing basic training... i will be arriving as a fresh faced 2lt (Awaits flak)!
Just remember the wheel has already been invented and it works just fine.
MMMM a fresh faced 2Lt going on his first posting to Catterick in June on a REME thread wont be hard to trace really :twisted:

Words of wisdom.

Dont play Freckles or Soggy biscuit with Reccy Mechs.

Dont put up a fight when you visit the Sgts mess on your first Christmas Officers to WO's and Sgt Mess, ensure youve covered your room with plastic sheeting for your return home, if you are released that is.

Buy a few dozen cases of Port as it will work out cheaper in the end.

Listen to your seniors as in will be more benificial in the end.

Dont shag the CO's/OC's or CSMs daughters

Dont book a holiday in December as you may find out extras come your way very easily

Most of all have fun and mines coffee with milk no sugar.

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