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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Redemption, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi Everyone

    Basically would just like to some information about certain roles! If anyone can hlep, be more than grateful. ^_^

    Right, here goes :p

    Basically i'm curious whether to go Aircraft Technician, Military Police or the veterinary technician.

    Could someone tell me the advantages and disadvantages in short of these roles please?

    Which is the more harder one to get in to, or vise versa.

    Future aspects in each one? pay wise and so on?

    If anyone could give me a few tips about each one would be fantastic!

    Many thanks

    Rdmpn 8)
  2. Aircraft Tech is a popular choice of people that are JE's like myself.
    It WAS my first option.

    It is 3 years training, and 7 years from 18th birthday minimum (or whenever :D)
    Very good job to have as a trade and come out of in future years.

    (I decided against it for personal reasons being I frankly wouldn't be motivated to do something for that long and not really be thrilled towards the specifications within the job required)
  3. Why, on earth, have you listed "Aircraft Technician, Military Police or the veterinary technician" as your choices? The underlying educational requirements for each of those trades will be markedly different! I cannot believe that someone would be torn between becoming a vet or a copper. You either have an affinity for animals or you are an animal... (sorry, RMP types, that was a cheap jibe...)! :D

    And what is the difference between an Aircraft Technician and a vet? One keeps engines and other mechanical bits operating and the other looks after guard dogs or horses. No connection!

    It looks to me as if you have allowed your finger to wander down the list of potential trades and chosen those which sound fun. And that is not the way to choose a career!

    Tell us about your qualifications, potential or otherwise, and your interests. We might then be able to guide you.


    PS. They are "prospects" not "aspects".