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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trowel, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. I`m not sure if i am in the right place for this, but is it true that 10% of the army is now made up of foreign nationals? The reason I ask is that we have a Hungarian lad, 26 years old, working with us. The lad, Chris, is dead keen to join the British Army, but has been knocked back. He spent several years in the Hungarian army, speaks excellent English, is well educated, and has no criminal record, also fit as a butcher`s dog. He`s wasted scratching about on a building site with us. One of our lot, ex- REME, reckons Chris is being turned down for being Eastern Bloc, and overqualified, that the Army likes to start with a blank sheet so to speak. Comments please.
  2. It's probably about residency. How long has he been here?
  3. on Two years.
  4. Trowel,

    I have heard the 10% figure too. However most are from Commonwealth countries where the UK has a history and often an agreement with the Government of that country. There are exceptions and being ex military does not preclude.

    The Army, however, will be selective of foreigners joining and your mate may just not be what they are after. If he is knocked back and told he is not right for the British Army then that really is the end of it for him. The army recruits selected non UK personnel not hired mercenaries...

    Has he asked why he was knocked back?
  5. I'll have a word with the local regional recruting people and get back to you.
  6. Overqualified? FFS! At what stage was he knocked back? If it is a Eastern Bloc thing there is probably no way round it.

    He could try the TA as an alternative. We had a Turk who had done his National Service and there was no problem with him AFAIK.
  7. If he was commonwealth soldier it would be easier, overqualified, highly doubt that, no one in my exp has been over qualified for the military. You can have masters degrees up to your eyeballs but if you cant lead doesnt make you much of a soldier, but leadership and management is only one aspect. I have a colleague whom is a very clever chap but he couldnt manage a urine up in brewery.... I reckon that he would to be british citizen for a certain period of time to qualify. He should have been told his full reasons at the Carrers office...
  8. OK. Joining the British Army is only open to UK and Commonwealth citizens. Commonwealth applicants have to have a passport that still has four years validity on it and a visa valid for twelve months. Citizens of other NATO countries are unfortunately not permitted to join, it's sort of a rule that they should join the Army of their own nation.

    Sorry your mate can't do it, but he should try the TA.
  9. Thanks for your comments. Will ask to see more of his paperwork.
  10. Same rules for the TA, you have to be British or a Commonwealth citizen. At my old unit, we had Brazilians (live ones), italians and a few eastern europeans try and join, who all thought it was a way to get a UK passport or get to be a british citizen. Wrong on all counts !!!! Unless you have dual nationality you won't get in.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    The overqualified argument is a perennial favourite and I've met consultant surgeons who couldn't tie their own shoelaces let alone lead a group of men. That said, they are excellent (obviously) at what they do. I deal with individuals such as this Hungarian lad on a daily basis and quite frankly, technical excellence (or qualifications) has no correlation to an ability to soldier on. Be wary of those that bang on about A levels this and degrees that - particularly those from overseas - they're not always all they think they're cracked up to be.
  12. Interesting point Bobos. This guy, however, is not trying to con his way into British citizenship.
  13. Forastero. I think ex-REME means military, rather than educational overqualification.