Information on veteran sought.

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help.
I have always had an interest in military history, and have some service myself
A few years ago I bought a book Armoured warfare by Fuller second hand.

Inside the cover is an inscription to C. R. Le Jeune, 18th Birthday, June 20th 1944. (The CR could be PR)
I strongly suspect that this book was given to a tank officer in a British tank unit, awaiting shipment to France just after D-Day.
I have looked at Bovington, and found another Le Jeune on the honour role, having died in France. Could be a brother, but may be no connection.

I suspect from the timing the owner of this book survived until recently, at which point the book went to a second hand shop.
I would very much like to know more about this person, what unit he was with and anything I can about his history.
I am not working currently and can't justify paying to find this information out, but wonder if this book sat in his tank through till 1945. If so it is in amazing condition.
A difficult one: the only CR Le Jeune I can find is this chap, taken from a outward passenger list, dated 1956.

Le Jeune.jpg

That he would only have just turned 18 on 20 June 1944, it's highly unlikely that he would be sat on Southampton Dock waiting to go to France.

Other than that, I can find no trace of the chap.


UK Army List 1947 -

First Name:
Le Jeune
Regular Army Emergency Commission.
2nd Lieutenant
Rank (2nd):
W/S Lt
British Army
Royal Tank Regiment
Royal Armoured Corps
Seniority Date:
Thanks very much, 1&12, I think that is right, It would be a very strange book to give to anybody other than an officer in an armoured unit I believe.
That seems to indicate that he remained in after the war. I was hoping to find out what vehicle he might have been in, and what unit he crossed the channel in.
I imagine him opening his present a few days before crossing the channel weeks after D-day, but that might be incorrect.
And thanks for the shipping roster entry, I have seen a Belgium congo brokerage firm that appears linked to the name. It may or may not be the same person.
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