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There is a good chance Sydney Jary is a relative and my family have asked to ask around for any more information on him. I understand he wrote an autobiography some years ago that is very highly regarded called "18 Platoon". Does anybody know more, is he even still alive?

If you get in touch with Faraday Hall, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, they should be able to furnish you with all the info you need and get a copy of they book. All officer cadets read 18 Platoon during training.

Yes I believe Sydney Jary is still very much alive and well. He is a regular contributor to the British Army Review (BAR). The latest issue BAR 144 has an excellent article by him on "Readjustment". This covers the end of the War in Germany and demob, as far as 18 Platoon were concerned. The Platoon have arrived at Wilstedt, North of Bremen, having fought all the way from Normandy to get there. It ends with Sydney leaving his beloved 18 Platoon of the SLI and going back to the Hampshires. If you are a member of Army Net then you can access BAR from there. I have attached a link which gives previews of other articles of his.

In my humble opinion his book - 18 Platoon, Brigadier ED "Birdie" Smiths - Even The Brave Falter, George MacDonald Frasers - Quartered Safe Out Here and Major Bill Bellamy's - Troop Leader are the best and most human books written about WW2.

If he is a relative of yours then you are a lucky man indeed.


PS: You may be able to contact him through the Editor of the BAR:

M 83

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