Information on specific Army locations/Cities?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by alf_granite, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This thread has been really useful in the last year but I would just like to squeeze a bit more blood out...

    Potentially we are going to Enoggera in Brisbane. What I would like to know is what are the suburbs like around that area and how much should we consider paying for rent? I know everyone has their own opinion and there are lots of posts on the BE type sites but I'm interested in the potential commute to Enoggera and how to tie that in with schools and childcare.

    Thanks in advance


    PS - the title of the thread was meant so that everyone can jump on and ask about their own specific areas. Cheers
  2. Nice idea Alf, picked up some bits already but it saves people repeating themselves i guess, plus we can add to it once we get there ourselves.

    I'm in for anything anyone knows about Townsville, read everything there is to read on't t'interweb and google earthed it to death, feel like i know my way around already. Wouldnt mind knowing good areas from bad, suitable for me, wife and uni age daughter, and the dog of course.
    Not worried about schools etc, don't mind a reasonable commute on a push bike, and as long as theres half reasonable transport links and somewhere for HRH The Missus to shop i'm happy.

  3. We're going to Borneo Barracks, Cabarlah, in Queensland. It's anticipated that we're going to live in Toowoomba but that's not definite. Anyone know much about the area, plus, as a Primary School Teacher, are there many good sized Primary Schools in the area? Would be willing to commute about 30 minutes drive outside of the area (but no more, as my current commute is 40 miles/an hour and I don't want to be spending as much time in my car, obviously). Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered. Jen
  4. Hi

    Know you have all done the Internet to death, but for specific information try emailing the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) responsible for your area and title your email request to Families Liaison Officer (FLO).

    The Regional Education Liaison Officers (REDLOs) are also based in the DCO offices, so any education questions again email the office with a request for the REDLO.

    Linky to DCO contact page:

    Linky to REDLO info page

    There is also site specific information on the DFA website,

    If none of the above are answering your questions please do email me and I’ll have a go!

  5. Great, thanks, I'm probably rushing ahead of myself as the visa paperwork only arrived with DIAC this week, but as has been proven in the past, it pays to be one step ahead! :D
  6. Alf,

    Will put you in touch with another lateral (or two) who have just arrived. they had some issues with DHA trying to put them too far away from the barracks for a sensible commute. my advice is to take the free accom for the time frame they offer and then have a look at the suburbs rather than taking a quarter straight off the bat - especially if you are coming out of the traditional January posting cycle. DHA has a deal whereby they lease houses off people and provide them as quarters (a great thing to get involved in when you get here) but they can be a fair way from the barracks. The Rental Allowance system is very good and will let you get where you want exactly. DHA will try and get you into a quarter - but there are always ways to get the place and location you want.

    Pretty much anywhere within 25 mins of central bris is great. as you get south side by about 20Km then you can get some rough places. Places I like round here are: Paddington; Windsor; Auchenflower; Spring Hill; Kangaroo Point; Woolloongabba (yes that is a place name); Windsor. If you have a look at there is a place there that has a short description of all the suburbs and events that are going on. I don't think you'll find a bad place here in Brisbane to be honest.

    PM me your email address and I'll ask the guys to drop you a line.


  7. I spent a fantastic 18 months in Arana Hills, 7 km from Enoggera. Other good burbs are Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, The Gap, anywhere round there.
    My commute (on a pushbike) used to takr 20 mins, no sweat. Enjoy!
  8. Hi there guys

    I have already researched Darwin quite a bit but any first hand accounts of life there would be great.


  9. Are u a member of the facebook group yet GH? There's a member in there who's only been in Darwin since the summer and could help with any queries u have?!
  10. Hi Jen

    What's the group called?

  11. Facebook group is - Aussie OLT's on Facebook

  12. Cheers Nige

    Once again you come up trumps!

  13. Sorry not long in from work, if you have problems finding the group, give me a shout as it's a closed group and some people have had trouble finding it.