information on my RLC Job Choices

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mind_Set, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm hoping to attain some answers for the jobs within the RLC on which I'm considering, I would like Pro's and Con's of the jobs if Possible and what you do within the job on an average day and when on Operational tours,
    The jobs I require information for are; Logistic Support Chef and Logistic IT Systems Operator
  2. There's no real cons as such mate except for embarrassment, a feeling of self loathing and obesity.
  3. 1. Cook (in a loose turn-produce-into-mush way).
    2. Type.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Haha, why would them jobs create a feeling of embarrassment?
  5. Because they are to a man (and woman), cringingly embarrassing ***** due mainly to their propensity to be fat, like an old Labrador.
  6. Don't listen to this lot
    I was RCT [predecessor of the RLC]
    I made Corporal in 6 and Sargent in 9, by the time i made 15 years a service i was WOII
    And i wasn't alone
    That's the beauty of the corps, fast promotion and more money to go with it, which makes all the difference to your pension at the end of it all. And because you move every 3 or 4 years you never get stuck in dead mans shoes, plus the trades are as broad as they are wide. Corps men get promoted at twice the speed of the infantry and three to four times that of the Guards and there is no worrying about face fitting much either. They also have there own Para Company, Commando attachments, and a fair number of them make the SAS if thats what you want
    It don't matter what trade route you follow either as you can more easily move around picking up new skills and trades
    And in spite of the Jealousy, most RCT men were bright, self sufficient and able to adapt, which is why you don't see many Guards or Paras etc cross decking
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  7. Those ... Those Jobs not them!

    The most beautiful and fuckin expressive language in the world and the youth of today are destroying it I tell you!
  8. In regard of the first job, being a chef is self explanatory, whether in barracks, on exercise or on tour. You would be cooking for others in a variety of conditions. You'll know if you want to be a chef or not. Log IT Systems Operator is a misleading name for Radio Operator. Do radios flick your switch? Do you like playing with cables, batteries and passing voice and data messages? Promotion isn't particularly fast and as it is a small trade, your face needs to fit to get to the top. It may be for you, but if that is really your thing, join the Royal Signals, where promotion and wider opportunity are better.

    If you want a trade with potentially excellent promotion prospects and very wide employability within RLC units, many jobs in other units, and within staff HQs and overseas training areas, become a Logistic Supply Specialist. This is fast becoming one of the bigger trades in the RLC and is currently expanding while others are contracting. Being a supplier may not be the most exciting job for the first tour, but if you want excitement, join the infantry and go Taliban hunting. If you want a long term career, which equips you well with skills that make you employable in the Army and civvy street, then become a Log Spec Sup, aka a supplier. It will be a balance of working with stores, operating improving logistic computer information systems, with opportunities for truck and forklift truck licences. Senior supply NCOs are very influential people because of their expertise in being able to keep the Army supply system going (opinions may vary on this point).

    In summary, for excitement and danger, infantry, to be an egg banjo technician, chef, if you like radios, Rad Op, for promotion and employability, be a supplier. Whatever trade you join, you will spend the first couple of years learning you business and being told what to do by those senior and more experienced.
  9. 81cufc-
    Oh how I produce a gigantic amount of remorse due to my haphazard ability of putting syntax in the correct context.
    Yeah I guess the language is getting absolutely destroyed by the present generation. However, I believe you have quite a few grammatical errors in your reply. For instance, the ellipses have to be amalgamated with the predecessor in this case it would be the word 'Those'.
    I feel you should not judge people by minor errors in syntax. However, in contrast I feel your generally just pedantic and snide, what did you gain from the snide comment? Did you feel better for making that comment?
    Rant completed.

    Mr_Logic- thanks for the brilliant answer. I know this is off topic but I was also considering Combat Medical Technician, would you have any information on that? If not I'll sift through the threads on their Page I'm sure their are millions!
  10. Stuff all of those, get yourself booked on the Air Despatch assessment,pass that, then the Basic Air Despatch course and then lord it round the world checking in to hotels, spending all that extra cash, and generally laughing at the rest of the Corps.

    Dons flak jacket, and awaits incoming. :)
  11. Me; AD B3 Thorney Island 1974-1977 when it closed welcome aboard
    No AD Assessments in my day, just request to join. If you were bright enough you got in
    Any idea where or if Lynham moving to, now that the RAF part is closing? Hullavington or Brize?

  12. I'm glad someone knew that becuase I've never heard of it before.
    You sound like my recruiter did.
  13. Agreed. It's absolutely possible, especially if you can find a ringer to take your EPC in order to negate personal educational deficiencies.
  14. We've already moved!!! the majority of the Sqn is at Brize, the MT and training wing are still at Lyneham, until our new build
    hangar is finished next year .