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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nath2008, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi im just being curious on the Medical at the ADSC because people have failed it i dno why. Im just wanting to get the full information wot do they go through with you in the medical and wot test's do they do on you.

    Can some 1 who's been to ADSC to tell me the information and test's they do on you as i am nervous as owt i don't seem to have anything wrong with me its just the nervs taking over me. So please some 1 let me in some information would help alot thanks!

  2. Mate, this is the nicest reply you will probably get on this site, and i suggest you use the search function on this site about it.

    Stand by...........................................

  3. Yes iv just checked the search on medical and ADSC but nothing is there.... thnks
  4. Yes there is, trust me.

    Or scan through the joining up thread is there are sh1t loads of topics about it.
  5. Its a full medical a bit like an MOT, blood pressure joints eye sight hearing test to name but a few. You generally find if you have got past the rg8 stage with no problems you should be fine. If there is a problem they may come say come back in three months. If you have some aches or pains and you tell them when you get there you will automatically get a 3 month deferal. Your recruiter should have briefed you.
  6. Only thing you could get picked up on is things like high blood pressure, heart murmurs, earwax, underweight, hearing and varicoceles.
  7. Hi every one QUICK QUESTION:

    you know on the medical they check your joints right well on my right knee its just clicks not a loud click a tiny click when i fully extend my leg and i also can feel it when i put my hand over my kneecap. I have done some research on the web to find out what it is and it cant be arthiritis because it dosn't swell up and hurt and dosent seem to get hot wen i exercise, What i think it is a air bubble inside the cartilage it is just doing my head in the sound other people can't hear it but i can because i know its there but it dosn't hurt 1 bit i can do running everything etc...

    will this get me Defferd out of the ADSC for having a click in my knee??
    please some 1 give me some information my nervs are like a rollercoaster

    ALSO my bro's in the TA and his knee clicks
  8. becky, my knees and elbows click like mad when I'm doing any kind of exercise but I don't really think it's a problem. It's been said on here in the past its a very common thing.
  9. Thank your lucky stars that it doesn't involve a spelling and grammar test ;)
  10. oh Thank God

    Its a click in the centre of the knee when i straighten it and when im bending it agen sounds like a grinding sound but it as never hurt, im am only 19 i don't want it to be somthing serious and wreck my whole life the army is were i want to be plus, i have had this for years and i never have suffered from it. So should i be fine in the Medical about the knee clicking?

    thanks a bunch :)
  11. I think if you act like it's a problem then they might pick up on it, but if you just don't acknowledge it it should be alright.
  12. Haha yer i know never was good at it not at school neither :(
  13. Becky mine also snap crackle nd pop mine don't hurt either and i got selection very soon hope i don't get defferd for somthing stupid like that lol.
  14. What actually do they do when there examining you on ur joints etc...
  15. Move them, get you to press against them, walk.