Information on Infantry jobs and day to day life required

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Zarathustra, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. In an effort to provide a service to those members who are considering a career as one of gods chosen men I am writing a post on the day to day life in an Infantry unit and also the "reality" of being a member of one of the support plts or one of the other trades available whilst serving in the Infantry.

    I will only be covering the jobs found here Infantry Jobs - British Army Website, if anyone has any info I would appreciate the help either in this thread or via PM.

    I also need info on how these trades vary between light, mechanised, armoured or air assault units.

    Once I've finished the post I will ensure to provider credit where it's due.

  2. CB: might be a suggestion to request an insight into combined National Excercise experiences, Soldier Mag has previously briefly touched on this,

    The definition of light, armoured and mechanised will be useful I agree,

    And enlightening re-education for those with the 'Cannon Fodder' tunnel vision attitudes might be useful also,
    Good luck with the thread either way
  3. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.
  4. Sounds like a good idea. There's a constant flow of people coming on here and asking what day to day life at Battalion is like.
  5. CB your in the guards right?? Hate to disappoint your are not a "chosen man" until your swift and bold!
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  6. Absloulty 100% correct!
  7. Yawn ;)
  8. :p its ok, if you need any help with post on the "chosen men" feel free to PM me ;) haha

    Joking aside i think its worthwhile thing to do, i had no idea until i rocked up at Bn :)
  9. Guards don't need to be chosen. You either are, or you're not, its that simple. Choice doesnt come in to it.

    Anyway, put a shhep infront of any member of the 2nd Regiment of foot, and they soon move swift and bold. Like lightening even.
  10. honking redcoats.... :)
  11. If you're chosen men, rather than volunteers, does that make you conscripts?
  12. Day to day life as a rifleman tom in an infantry battalion:

    Parade 3 times a day, PT every morning. If no fatigues / weapons cleaning (usually saved for a Friday haha) then x-box it in between parades whilst drinking a gallon's worth of brews each day :)
  13. Alot different to my lot, PT twice day, time inbetween filled with ranges, lessons, exercises, fatigues and they still manage to knock off earlier than those of us wwith a proper job
  14. I was really just playing up to a stereotype heh.

    Our lot still in "chill" mode from H14 but Falklands etc in the Spring so ranges, lessons, exercises etc will be starting back up sharpish I'd imagine, then 12month PDT for next Herrick after BATUS in the Autumn. None stop fun :D
  15. Treat yourself, we've reached sitting around with nothing left to do till we deploy stage of PDT.