Information on how long to become a para !

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In full time work at the moment doing top burning for a demolition company, demolishing inverkip powerstation at the moment !
Alot (most of my day ) working at height
Just wondering i plan to go to the careers office in Edinburgh on Friday only day i can so from then does anyone know about what kind of time period for the diffrent stages of recruitment ?

Many thanks Lee
hopefully i will be ,ive done my barb tests and waiting for a reply on my medical forms but since there still on holiday its taking longer
yea i know i was hoping to get to the office this week whilst on holiday but dont open untill the 7th wich is crap for me as thats when i am back to work how did you get on with your BARB ?did you just go in to the careers and say you wanted to join the paras or ?
I went in said i wanted to join the army they gave me an application and booked me in for the barb test .i came back on the barb date with completed forms. they weighed and measured me although i had 2 jumpers and coat on and told me no need take off and also they now have put im 171m tall instead of cm on my data .

he checked and sorted all my application on the computer while i did the barb and i got 62 on the test and level 2 maths and english i was advised not to go for paras due to my predicted gcses and that i wouldnt fit in because of this.

anyhow after id finished and the recruiter had finished playing a card game on the computer i was rushed into picking 3 job choices he asked what i was interested in and i said paras first but hes put it second and recon tank 1st and artillary gunner 3rd which im hopefully gonna change i then left with my medical forms to get signed by my docter who made me book an appointment a month later which annoyed me.
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