Information on CMT 2 (V) course and also its accreditation

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by philmc82, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    First post here.

    Just wondering if anybody cold give me any info on the courses content for CMT 2 (V) please?

    Maybe someone could share the course book with me?

    Also, does anyone know what civilian accreditation is available to reservist medics, and how to go about enrolling for it?

    I read a while back while doing my class 3 that we could enrol for NVQ or City and Guilds certification?

    any help would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Class 2 has recently changed (ie within the last few months), and for the better. Subjects you will cover:

    A&P: Ear, Pregnant Uterus, Eye, Heart (again...), arteries & veins for the arm & leg, Larynx, and bones of the chest
    Assist with: Chest drain, surgical cric, IV/IO infusion, needle decompression, NG Tube insertion
    Trauma: Team Medic plus some extras so things like CUF, TrAPS, RISE N FALL, use of Traction etc (alot of this is covered on your class 3 and your year between courses anyway so its just revision for the most part)
    Random shit: Things like HLS Marking, different vehicle cas carrying capacities, siting a med facility, understanding more of the AMS as a whole and Med Modules

    Overall a cracking course, apparently on the old ones they had you doing tentage - none of that now which is great. Lots of theory exams so you'll spend alot of time in the evening revising and there's also 3 or 4 PT sessions now, one of them is 2 hours of casualty extraction (firemans lifts, stretcher races etc.) which is a lick out so arrive fit so you don't embarrass the TA side of the Corps. The final practical exam is amazing, in a FOB with loads of Cassim, gun fire and explosions with a heavy investment in realism - easily the best part of the course.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Oh and always, the best advice you can take from me is revise the A&P elements before you arrive as that is really the hard part in terms of the theory exams and labling them up is alot of points to drop if you don't know them. This advice is always given and always ignored but hey ho!
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  4. Mate,

    Thanks very much for the reply. It does indeed help, that was exactly what I was looking for

    The course seems to have a much better content now. I had heard it was all about putting up field hospitals in the past, but now from what you describe it sounds miles better.

    Did you get any info on accreditation on your course by any chance? We're supposed to be able to get NVQ accreditation, but nobody gave any info on how to sign-up to it on my class 3.

    Does the same rule apply to class two, in that if you do well you can cut the time you have to wait to go on to class one?

    Thanks again!

  5. Also, didn't do any traction on my class 3. It was quite along time ago (2007) and I did it as an RCMT. I've only recently come over to the corps but I'm still serving with an infantry unit, which means I don't really get the benefit of any training between courses. We're kind of out-of-the-loop and mostly do infantry stuff with the other blokes. Any med training is done off our own backs.
  6. Phil we're in the same situation mate so I feel for you! The shit medics do a 2 week course and never keep their skills fresh whilst the good ones find ways about getting CPD when we're attached!

    Reference accreditation, we were told about the Regular Class 1's doing a small bit of work to take them upto Ambulance Tech and something similar "might come to the TA in a few years time" but that's it mate.

    And shortening Class 2 > 1, nothing was mentioned apart from for Paramedics so I don't believe so although I know people that got Class 2, mobilised in short order and did the Regular Class 1 before the 12 month window so it seems to only apply to 2 (v) to 1 (v).
  7. Thanks again for the info Whiskey. It's shite that we're left of the loop and don't get offered any guidance with CPD. I think soon I'm going to start training one night a month with a local field hospital and try to keep in contact with the corps more. I'm also trying to jack-up some placements in a local regular med centre to get some more experience, even if it's just primary healthcare/updating med docs type stuff.

    With your CPD, are you recording it somewhere? I do quite a lot off my own back and want to start keeping it all together in a proper CPD type folder. You know we can bid for FTRS as CMTs and Glasgow usually ask for a CV to see if we're suitable, so would look good to have a pucker CPD folder sorted when applying for stuff.

    I've recently done a Pre-hospital Emergency Care Practitioners course. Need to start logging it all so it's presented in the right way. Are you ex-regular? if so, there's a shit load of courses we can get using our Eclas grant.