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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armykitbag, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. My 14 year old brat is doing a project for school and has based it on the Battle of Arnhem.

    Any info or links would be greatly appreciated. First hand accounts would be even better!!

    He also want to have a map with the German positions on, and based on the intel ask current soldiers to come up with a plan of attack.

    We have a number of books but really need some good info and maps on the subject, especially of the intel they had at the time.

    Any help would be great.
  2. A very good site with plenty of easily followable information including photos and maps can be found at the Arnhem Archive
  3. A great link, and quick to post as well!

    Thanks for that, it will really help!
  4. There is a film called "Theirs is the glory" made by some of the veterans one year or so after, its B & W, or do I need a new telly? It is a good insight.

    Airborne Museum at the Hartenstein Hotel here sell it and it is available in the Uk. They also have various other publications and posters etc

    Worth a "gander" is "The grey goose of Arnhem"

    and "It never Snows in September" a german view of the battle

    They are good reading but not for a 14 year old, unless bedtime stories!!

    There are various battlefield tour books available, although they do contradict and can be confusing.

    Theres also this one, expensive but maybe from a library

    Best advise is to find your local British Legion, PRA (Parachute Regiment Association) and bribe them with beer for tales....... :wink:

    But be warned because chaos reigned there will be many different accounts.
  5. Armykitbag, plse see PMs; e-mail on its way to you shortly too.
  6. Its awesome.

    Made using the blokes that fought there, over the ground they last saw when facing the Krauts. I gather that every now and again, they asked if they could stop filming for a while - as they'd come across the place they'd buried one of their mates.

    I was struck at just how skinny the blokes looked. I think it can be bought from the National Army Museum.
  7. I've looked everywhere for "Their's Is The Glory", even e-bay but to no avail. Anyone got any links to anybody selling the video or DVD?
  8. wow, what a great response. Thank you all so much. My printer is now churning away and we have so much to go through.

    I will hunt down a copy of Theirs is the Glory as well, that sounds good.

    We have found that a lot of things did contradict each other but, as was said, chaos can do that.
    We are heading over there next month and hope to have a lot of info so he can see the place he has heard so much about.

    Thanks again!!
  9. Would you believe Its available on DVD from (Of course, I found this out after I'd ordered the VHS version from the Airborne Museum in Holland)

    Theirs is the Glory - Tescos
  10. I you do end up there, visit the 25 pdr guns on the river bank next to the John Frostburg Bridge. If you're lucky you'll bump into a guy called Sam Rosenthal who is an unofficial Arnhem battlefield guide. He normally loiters around there. He was 10 yrs old during the battle and his father owned a farm on the opposite bank. His stories and knowledge is fascinating.

    His family, as they were Jewish, were all shipped off to concentration camps after the battle when the Germans levelled the city.
  11. Another good visit is the old church in Lower Oosterbeek. It was the sight of the last stand where Col "Sherriff" Thompson gathered up a load of stragglers and fought against German armour. A VC was won there Arnhem VC.

    There's atree in front of the church, still battle scarred, referred to as the "kissing tree" because a bloke from the Air landing Regiment RA was trapped behind it with two mates during a German counter attack; he was the middle bloke and had to watch as both muckers were cut to ribbons and he survived unscathed.

    He returns every year on the anniversary of the battle and kisses the tree, hence the name.
  12. Lovely job, thanks very much.
  13. Thats ordered! Nice find, never thought of looking there....