Information on Armoured Engineers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by donnie6, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Ive been through the search files and apart from them enjoying pies which is fine by me ( i like pies) there is not a lot of useful info on them.I would be grateful for info or a click in the right direction. Thanks .
  2. I think i left myself open to that, thanks.On a more serious note any infomation would help.
  3. take no notice of the chunkies..they're only jealous....always sweating in the back of their smelly biccie boxes :wink:


    take the clip with a pinch of salt as it shows some Chieftains. Training is now on Challenger 2 based chassis of Trojan and Titan.

    You will carry out your Combat Engineer training prior to training to become an Armoured Engineer. You might even go on tour/ops as a Combat Engineer even when you are qualified as a tankie. You do not spend all your time on tanks but the time you spend on them is most memorable :twisted:


    you might go here :twisted:

    and eventually fire this (it's Python, not Giant Viper 8) )

    frikadellen....i should've stayed in and gone onto recruiting!!! :D
  4. Thanks for the help.It all starts on October 5th cant wait!!