Information on 1990s British Army Documentary

Looking for some information on a documentary that was on BBC1 or BBC2 in the 90s

The course was Commando selection I think but may be wrong

Memorable moments in documentary

Arctic Warfare
Sniping / Stalking - one of the students failed and fired his weapon into the ground in anger
Escape and Evasion - Students we set loose on the Brecon Beacons with just a green army over coat and minimal supplies

At one stage during they were brought into a barn and interrogate / physically abused - this footage was not show

The seemed to be only one main instructor - think his name was John - he later retired from the BA and was see front facing abseiling down a cliff face. - when the doc maker catch up with him post retirement

This guy was seen jumping across a 2 metre gap with a 40 feet drop underneath - it later stated in the doc that he was charged for doing this without the use of safety harness.

Another select of the course is were students has to infiltrate a castle type structure - which they were able to do undetected.

All information on this doc greatly recived

Would love to see this again.
iirc correct it was on the mountain and artic warfare cadre of the marines,with the late sports writer ian woolridge,best bet is to tap the same question on rum ration(navy net) etc.
I believe that this was a follow-up to a series on the RM Mountain and Arctic Warfare Training Cadre in the early 1980s. The series in the 1990s was to highlight what the unit members did post Falklands (one had been banged up for armed robbery IIRC). The Marine that loosed off an ND was in the earlier series and some of the other NCOs stuck up for him saying he was the best ML they'd ever served with.
The best site for this would be the Once a Marine website

I like their Link Page to Businesses that former Marines are now running or involved with, do we have similar here in ARRSE anywhere?

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