information needed.

I am trying to find out some information on behave of my son, at the moment he as been permantly downgraded due to loss of hearing since his return from afghanistan in 2011, as he was not issued the correct ear defence. we have recently filled in a armed force compensation claims form, we are looking for some information. And were do we go from here

thanks, trace
If he had PAX at the time (or another personal accident insurance product) he should also look into claiming on that.

There is also a PAX free legal helpline that can assist you with Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claims: 0800 212480 (from UK) +44 20 8662 8126 (from overseas).

Any problems then drop me a PM and I'll ensure someone gets in touch. Other schemes may have something similar.


When was he on tour .. Also check his 1157 issues to be sure he wasn't issued ear defence and just didnt wear them.. Im not trying to be an idiot here but its a possible defence for the compensation

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