Information needed regarding hospitalisation

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gunit, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I am due an operation soon and will be admitted overnight. Operation is quite major. Can't drive after and need checking on every hour. I was wondering what the entitlements were in regard to getting picked up.

    The operation requires me to have 2 weeks home sick leave. Can I get my parents to pick me up or is it the duty driver complete with fag hanging out of his mouth and stinking rover which will await?

    Just after some ideas I would like to have my parents pick me up its a good 8 hours from home and I get kicked out of hospital at 0830. Is there any info on what I'm entitled to if anything?

    Cheers for boring you
  2. I know that my old unit would have no drama with your folks picking you up, just make sure your unit knows of your intentions.
  3. What did your Unit say?
  4. You are able to make your own arrangments, from my experience as long as you do not use public transport you will be fine. Otherwise its the duty driver. Contact the med centre before you go so you can organise getting them the "sick chit" issued from the ward etc as you will have to put on sick leave via JPA. Make sure your troopy or Sgt has the details so they can put in requests to have you picked up dropped off while your away from camp if required such as outpatients or wound dressing changes at the med centre etc.

    Sort this all out before you go otherwise there will be tears :)
  5. Unit are "looking into it" would I be able to claim MMA for parents?

    Cheers again
  6. Ok. Which hospital are you going to? the reason i ask is because i work at a certain hospital in the West Midlands that treats injuried Soldier's and i deal with this all the time.

    Basically it is a Unit issue, They are to provide transport. If they say they cannot provide they are talking bollocks. If your parents do pick you up and your Unit said they will provide transport but you dont take it you won't be able to claim anything back. Because you are classed as an 'elective' admission you or your family will not be entilted to DILFOR or for as long as you stay unlisted. But then again you should not need it.

    When you are in hospital you can claim IE at the rate of £5 a day, That is about it i'm afraid. Again it depends which hospital you go to- If you happen to be coming to RCDM in Birmingham we give you everything you could ever need.