information needed about BLOWPIPE in Falklands

I Have to prepare a talk on a Falklands related topic and was wondering if anyone had information on Blowpipe in the Falklands. Was a Blowpipe op in TA in dim and distant past.
I believe it was 32 Guided Weapons RA and a unit from the Royal Marines that manned Blowpipe during the Falklands.
I suggest that you contact Denzil Connick at SAMA82
Think you are right cos my old mate Geoff Black ex 32, past bearer of the Battle Axe, now deceased was Blowpipe Troop down in the Falklands !
21 AD Bty RA, who were part of 27 Fd Regt in Lippstadt at the time (Later 47 Fd Regt in Gutersloh), were also armed with Blowpipe in the Falklands. They were sent down to provide AD cover for 5 Inf Bde.
43 Bty (now SA) were there with Blowpipe. The current RCMO of 29 Regt was acredited with bringing down a Skyhawk or something similar. RQMS 9T) 47 Regt RA has all 43 Bty property under charge. he could furnish you with more info. PM me for POC.


The divisional Blowpipe bty from 27 Fd Regt was the only unit based in Germany that was sent to FI. IIRC there were only 4 Blowpipe btys in the regular army at that time, one in 32 Regt in UK and one in each of 3 of the fd regts in Germany.
Although there were some "hits claimed" with Blowpipe during the campaign including one notable one at Goose Green the weapon was considered to be a bit of a joke.

I saw 4 fired by the detachment dug in alongside us at the beach head during air attacks and of those 3 miss-fired and one landed in amongst a forward section.

Rapier despite the hype did not perform much better.

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