Information Management - INCOMING!!!!!!!

Just finished the Information Support Officers Course.....Wow. I know the subject has been around for a while and we (SPS) have been doing it for years.....(so has everyone else supposedly????) But, hold on to your britches boys and girls......the Corps is about to get another add-on to "The things you need to do" list.

Find out who your I-Manager is in your unit/formation and mention 'The Defence File Plan' and watch them turn red, clutch their chest and go into hissy fits on the floor.

I suggest that all SNCO/WO who haven't heard of it get a grip of term and it's requirements, cos by 2012 life as you know it will end.

I don't want to turn you all off straight away and the bonus is that like JPA, it is not only OUR responsability. But the sooner you accept it and start working towards it, the better you will be.....don't turn on the thumb-suck straight away or it will kick you all in the 6!!!!!!!
And, you'll need to get it done before you move to sharepoint, if sooner (DII 2b?). You'll be in a world of hurt otherwise.

Don't forget that your IMgr and SIO need to have done the course by then as well.


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The Info Managers course is too business based if you are an operational unit. I found it lacked any real impact on my front line unit and some of the things taught a waste of time.

All said at the de-brief by several of us and ignored - staff went defensive. Too much focussed on DII and MOD business, if you are front line with DII just a twinkle in someones eye you will find much of what is discussed lacks relevance. From a N/J3 side nothing about writing operational orders, how to issue OPTASK IM or how coalition IM works (had to go to PJHQ for that). But we are mandated to do the course so NCHQ can tick the boxes and claim we are on the way to Maturity level 2....

For me the best bit was the 1 hour chat from the NCHQ lead officer, for which I could have done by walking across Whale Island and meeting up in the cafe on the top floor - hay ho.

My view is this is no different than running a paper registrar, pack system and all that good stuff. We seem to be in a flap about something we did for years but on paper.
Is that that little book about where to put stuff in the computer I was told I had to read and attempt to understand?! I'm sure it was written in Klingon!!
I had the "Who is our Information Manager?" conversation with the CO the other day-you know the one that finishes with me looking round and realising there is noone else there and in fact the job of IM has indeed just been assigned.
What I am starting to realise and understand (a bit late I know) is that a lot of this has been around for a LONG time, as the course explains, yet because it has never required a buy-in and requires a unification of intent and practise to work EFFECTIVELY. Now you look at CinCs Campaign Plan (as apposed to mission statement) and it is a red light-green light for IM - not interpretation, no choice, no prioritisation (the Risk Register better be water tight).

The fact that the tasking and Responsibility lies across the command structure is a bonus - they simply cannot give it all to the SPS.....yes we take the hits in the construction and policing, but it requires an input and continueous practise by the customer or it simply will not work.

I do agree that there should be more of a PUSH (buzz-word bingo stand by) from the Directorate to assist us, many on our course (Sgt - WO1) showed complete horror at some of the stuff ie - where the heck do I find time in my six other jobs to implement this?????? WE need open support on this and that will be the most difficult part.
I asked 2 questions on the IM course:

How is this (manning the iHUB/ISAs etc) going to be resourced and

When is this training going to be run out to everyone else in Defence, as everyone will need it.


a. It isn't - from exisiting resources...

b. Blank look - then quote "Whenever you decide to brief it"

That's going to work well then!
Or you could always do what you do with everything else that takes up valuable time and stops you telling everyone in earshot that admin is your own responsibility, and reminding them how under resourced and over worked you all are just before toddling off for yet another ‘Det’ bonding day :wink:

That is fail and let the unit G6/J6 staff pick up the pieces, I mean after all computers are comms systems aren’t they. It is quite clearly the remit of the Sigs staff to be DII AD’s and LSO’s :crash:

How very dare the chain of command think that IM would be a clerical (sorry human resources) function and that the AGC should take the lead :D :D
Being a Scaley, I have been pinged to do "information management" on several occasions. I however feel that this sits firmly with J1. Has the AGC moved fwd with this e.g. are the juniors learning how to configure MOSS, progressing to information and knowledge management techniques.
My gut feeling is that we think you're responsible for things that you aren't.
As someone who is a casual user of information systems, I think resurrecting an IM thread after 5 years means you will be awesome at it.

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