Information gathering from the web

Just thought i would share this little gem of a tool with other arrsers - Maltego

Its allows the user to data mine the web for any information relating to any piece of criteria you enter such as a persons email address. Place the email address in and run a transform then it will dig out anything related to that address such as who has received mails from this person, what web sites are associated with this email address, social network sites etc.. The more detail you place into it (known usernames are a good choice) the more accurate the results are. You can then dig deeper down by ploughing through the results of the first search using the same process. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do. For the paranoid types you can have hours of fun having a look at what the missus has been up to on the web and who she associates with.

Best of all - there is a free version that is adequate for the individual user.


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