Information Corps - not Intelligence Corps

A very interesting article on the Radio today about possible job losses at DIS. One of the points made by a commentator, whose identity I missed, was that although collection agencies are being enhanced, the all source analysis and processing of information into intelligence is being reduced and sidelined.

Can the same argument be made for the Corps? There seems to be huge efforts put into the collection of information, but the processing and analysis is something that "just happens." There is still no effective and overarching Int database, Analysis is something taught simply as an adjunct to other collection processes - instead of being the absolutley fundamental core of what the Int Corps does, and there is little or no rigorous and disciplined challenge from all source analysis to single source comment.

The Int Corps is the only institution that provides analysed all source intelligence at a tactical/operational level for commanders. Collection on the other hand can and is done by all types of units across the tri-service community. We (the Int Corps) are in danger of becoming simply a post box for single source information, which not only negates the necessity of having an Int Corps, but, much more seriously, damages the ability of HM forces to provide timely accurate and objective intelligence to commanders.
Here's the link to the BBC Article:

At last, we have someone who was a true "Int professional" (John Morrison, former DCDI) speaking out on behalf of the DIS.

You may also recall that Dr Brian Jones, also quoted, wasn't for toeing the Party Line during the Hutton Enquiry and blew the whistle on vital information being withheld from the DIS, in order to "sex up" the "45 Minute Dossier"...

The DIS has not been forgiven for that, despite the recommendations of Lord Butler, who recognised their worth. He recommended that at least one of the senior management of the DIS should be an "Int professional"...

I also agree with what you're saying about Intelligence Analysis within the Corps. In my time in uniform, it was almost a process of assimilation of analytical skills by osmosis and we learnt our trade from some good Staff Officers.

I feel a shake-up in the wind, let's hope it works in favour of the DIS and the Corps!
Petriburg said:
I feel a shake-up in the wind, let's hope it works in favour of the DIS and the Corps!
With wild, ill-informed suggestions of a tiff in CDI's area, between two former Royal Marine Subalterns, I for one will not be holding my breath, or wagering a bottle of port on that one.

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