Information Commissioner rules on dodgy dossier.


Will we actually find out what the (Lord) Butler saw? Or will the ICO prove toothless in the face of official non-compliance?
Oh, if only.
We can dream though, and my personal one is a Spanish judge getting the bit between his teeth, a la Pinochet, and banging out a European Arrest Warrant for A. Bliar for war crimes, and a witness summons for Goldsmith to appear and explain his (rapid) change of view on legality/illegality.

How we would laugh.


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Let's see if the FCO push this further and go to the High Court. We all know the document was sexed up, we all know that the politicos lied throight their sh!t-stained teeth, and we all know that it got David Kelly killed, as well as a large number of our troops.

The higher the FCO takes this to stop publication (in the interests of not colouring frank and open discussions regarding the issues), the filthier the evidence will turn out to be.

Bliar - spinner extraordinaire is working in international relations right now, in fact, the Middle East of all places. He's too recently been in power in the UK for the FCO to let this mere draft hit the streets.

The whole thing stinks. I WANT to see this document, find out who annotated it, find out who suggested ammendments and then compare that to the final dossier. Then, I'd like to see Bliar jailed by a war crimes tribunal in th Hague.
I think we know the answer to the above, i.e. the FCO will push it as far as they can, push it further than a far thing, appeal whatever comes out of it with the very liberal use of PII and then try and sneak it under the radar on a bad news day.
Then, and only then, if it looks like going noisy, the FCO will row for the shore, not our dept. etc etc, and there will be much pointing of fingers at the previous spin doctors, "A big boy did it and ran away etc."

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