Informal interview - any tips

I currently work along side a civilian contractor who has asked me on a few occassions for a date when i leave the Army. As a result i have been asked out for a few jars and a meal to chat things over. I have been told by another of the contract staff that this is definatly an informal interview so i am after any tips and advice. Cheers in advance.
Get him pi**ed, If you re female suck his cokc, sta off the raz yerself. Offer to drive him home and get him to sign a piece of paper on the way.
Just be a bit guarded but be yourself. If you say he has been seeing you at work anyway he will have already decided if he wants you or not, all he now wants to know is when can you start and what package you want.

Well done mate!


Informal interviews are also often a 2 way discussion. As has already been said, if he has seen younwork, he already has a good idea that he wants to hire you or he would not have raised the subject.

Now is the time for a well though out but "cards on the table" chat about the job, conditions, future potential etc. You are almost intervewing him as much as he is you.

Also, do some research about the corporate culture. It may be a "test" to see how you would fit in with the civvie team - the "good bloke" test.

Good luck.
Don't skiff him or suggest "naked bar" to him. This can be a good ice-breaker but probably not on this occasion.

Seriously though don't tell him anything good about what you are doing. If he wants to know what you know, signed contract first.
Treat it like it is a "formal" interview.

Shiny Shoes
No getting blotted
Best behaviour

Etc, etc.

Good Luck with it.

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