Informal Chat With ACIO. Advice Please?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ritch, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Sorry, don't know anywhere else where I could've posted this.

    On Friday I'm going for an 'informal' chat with someone at the ACIO. Could anyone give me any advice on how should I present myself? What's the best to wear, eg. casual.

    How should I address them too?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Shirt and tie, address by rank?
  3. Thanks, wasn't sure whether it'd seem OTT or something.
  4. Make an effort.

    Whatever you wear (Shirt with tie/ Polo Shirt, Slacks (not jeans) and some dress shoes would be my advice) it needs to be:-

    a. Clean

    b. Smartly pressed with creases where they should be and none where there shouldn't.

    c. Shoes polished (I would say Highly polished but I assume you are a civvy and therefore have no such concept :wink: )

    Also make sure you have a shave and if necessary a smartener of a haircut. (Nowt drastic, just tidied up).

    Whatever you wear, look your man in the eye, and sell yourself. If you want to join up then show him the level of effort you will require to complete your training.

    Ooh, and do a bit of research on your subject as well.

    Show off a bit and stand out 8)
  5. Thanks for that. Think I'll be popping into town now to get some slacks...
  6. Make an effort.
    Dress smart, have confidence and answer all questions honestly. Do not try to bluff and over-represent yourself.
  7. I went casual, polo shirt and jeans till my interview (only had one \o/)

    then it was shirt tie slacks and shoes and was told well done on showing up smart.

    My ACIO was trying to make me feel as confortable as possible so no pressure on what i was wearing till interview.

    good luck to ya with whatever you go with.
  8. Make sure you tell him you want to join the Engineers!! Any talk of other outfits is all rubbish.
    Do the right thing!!!!!!!!
  9. I would say do not wear jeans.

    Denim is the devil's cloth.

    Good luck.

  10. Dont forget to call him "mate" a lot. It will endear him to you.
  11. Is this your first or 2nd interview?
  12. Ok mate lots of good advice from people here but just turn up in smart casual for your reception. If you go back for your BARB test, job briefs etc then same again polo top, smart jeans ect will be fine as long as nothing offensive written on tops. When i was a recruiter we did look at your appearance and expect you to wear at least a shirt, tie, trousers, smart shoes or a suit by the interview stage.
    Regarding what you call the recruiter just go in and be polite to the receptionist or recuiter when you go in but the recruiter will set you at ease an tell you his first name at the start of the chat. its nice and informal and initially just to let you know the eligability questions and about the application process. Remember theres no obligation and advice is free and if you have a partner or parents who want to find out more because there worried for you take them with you, its no problem
  13. Make sure you tell him you want to be a REME Armourer, they're Gods chosen :D
  14. Is that except the one whos been accused of selling weapon parts and stolen guards medals and uniforms from the Guards rear party last week :? :oops:
  15. first time i met them..they asked me what i wanted to be.......

    "a general" i replied....

    "go outside and come back in again"......said the nice sgt.....

    and we took it from there.