Infomation needed about Army commandos, The Rifles

hello lads.

This is my first post on the forum but I've been floating around the website for a while an i think its pretty great really informative.

I recently passed out of Army Foundation College Harrogate on the 20th of December, now when i started i originally planned on joining the parachute regiment but when i heard about The Rifles and the 1st battalion being commandos i decided to switch as i had always dreamed about being a royal marine but i wanted to join the Army and not the navy, i am starting my phase two 10 week course at catterick on the 13th of January and i plan on going 1st battalion and becoming an Army Commando but i have seen a few posts on this site which said that you had to wait a few years before you could go 1st battalion? i need to know if this is true because i really do want to get into the commando role straight away and if not i have the chance to change para's when i get to Catterick.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry for the punctuation errors 8)
If your talking about 1 PARA you can go straight from CIC now I believe, rather than spending a few years in 2 or 3 PARA then going as it was til recently. If your talking about 'The Rilfes' as in that amalgamated Regiment then feck knows.
Although the Royal Marines are PART of the Royal Navy, you don't join the RN you join the RM.
It's a bit like being a subsiduary of a National Company, you work for Bodgit and Sons who are part of Properduff Shipping PLC.
Unless you got a draft onto a ship, doubtful unless an LC (Landing Craft) rate or volunteered for one, the most you would have to do with the Navy would be;
a) Visits to the Sick Bay, as they are manned by RN.
b) Taxi rides on ships to places on OPs or exercises.
Did they not explain this to you at the AFCO?
1 RIFLES are currently in the Commando Role in Chepstow. Its just a role, just like many others. Members of 1 RIFLES are/will have to do the All Arms Commando Cse. If you think that 1 RIFLES will be cutting about doing amphibious landings and all things like real Marines, you would be wrong. They will probably act in a supporting role to the Marine Brigade.
I am a SNCO in 5 RIFLES who are in the Armoured Infantry Role, a role that is vital in modern warfare. I remember driving past Royal Marines, and Parachute Regt soldiers on our way into Basra on Telic 1, and yes you guessed it, they were on foot.
The Marines did not arrive on the water, and the Para's did not arrive from the air.
As vital as both the Marine, and Para roles are, they have had no place in modern conflict. Thats not to say that they will not in the future! Both Para and Marine roles are hard work, and vital to todays modern Army.
You make your choice and see for yourself.
onwell said that man. and yes you can go straight to 1 PARA from phase two
Eventually the Marines will be back to doing what they are best at . Guarding Royal Navy bases , And the Army Commandos will be getting down to the nitty gritty ,ie ,blasting **** out off the Afganis

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