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On Friday I went on the ICO website and filled out a 'contact us' box. No reply yet - but the website did say they are snowed under and there might be a delay. Does anyone have an actual e-mail address I can use instead, as things can get lost in the system when submitted via an online form.

Alternatively, does anyone know if and how one can ask a private company for records that they hold?
What records? If it's personal info about you, write to the company concerned, requesting the information you want, explaining that you are exercising your rights under the 2018 Data Protection Act. Be specific about what you want - saying "gimme all wot you got on me" gives a bit of wriggle room for them. You don't need a specific form and you don't need to pay £10 as of 25 May.

If it's non-personal information you may be out of luck - FoI etc only applies to public bodies at the moment (with a few exceptions)
ICO are currently getting 500 complaints a week to deal with, there is a bit of a backlog so you may have to wait a few years.
Thanks - I will try that. Do you really think it is worth asking for copies of any e-mails relating to matter x during a certain month? On the phone the company has denied all knowledge.
You can try, if you have enough detail to identify what you are asking for. If they really want to hide it, they can come back with a response that your request is too difficult/burdensome to process if you cannot be specific enough.
The right to an SAR only obliges them to share what they hold about you. They're entitled to redact anything in such material about other individuals (to protect their rights) so you might get a load of blanks making it pretty much useless. E.g. "on 14 Nov 2016 xxxxx said to xxxxx that Yokel did whatever" so not very actionable... Mrs I works in HR so spends a lot of time reviewing SARs to make sure they don't give too much away.
The information relates to a personal injury. Do companies have to keep an accident book for accidents caused to customers by their staff? Additionally if the information is obviously untrue but has been used to justify decisions can anything be done?

Surely the Data Protection Act forbids this?
Also does the law stipulate if a request to see records has to be submitted in writing or can it be done by e-mail? What if the company has said they are no longer going to reply?
If an accident occurs that results in a member of the public going to hospital it must be reported to the HSE as set out here: Reportable incidents - RIDDOR - HSE

If the company is lying about what happened it is an offence under S.2 Fraud Act 2006 if they are making a false representation to gain from it (or avoid a loss).

If they refuse to comply with a Subject Access Request they have to believe that is manisfestly unfounded or excessive and they have to inform you of that. That can be reviewed by the ICO and/or challenged legally. If they’re found to have refused for no good reason they can be fined. Requests can be submitted by email.

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