Info with regards to taking a Shotgun to France on the Ferries

I have a E.F.P and valid SGC and FAC.

I know you must inform the ferrie opperator in advance.

In past years I have had to surrender an air rifle to be put in the ships strong room. If I was asked to do this with my gun,would they have a S.G.C?

Were do I stand?

No mention on there site about giving gun up at port.


I dont believe that sships require an SGC if uk registered, foreign registered would probably not bother.
Brittany Ferries say...

Only passengers travelling with a vehicle may transport firearms or ammunition on one of our vessels.

Any other item considered to be a dangerous weapon such as bows and arrows, knives (including chef’s knives) swords etc must also be declared prior to departure and should be treated in the same manner as firearms and ammunition.

Foot passengers may not transport firearms, ammunition or any other item considered to be a dangerous weapon, such as bows and arrows, knives (including chef’s knives) swords etc, onboard our vessels.

Any passenger travelling with a vehicle wishing to transport firearms or ammunition even in small quantities must declare the fact when making their booking. They should be advised to contact the Duty Operations Manager at the port of departure well in advance of travel. They will be asked to complete a “Firearms Declaration Form” indicating the type and quantity of firearms/ammunition.

The quantity of ammunition (1.4S) ex UK is limited to 1000 cartridges/shells per vehicle when travelling to France and 250 cartridges/shells when travelling to Spain providing, in both instances, the passenger is authorised to hold such an amount on their Firearm certificate. (MGN 340)

The passenger will also be required to forward to the Duty Operations Manager, copies of their Firearm Certificate, European Pass and either the “Prefet’s Authorisation of Detention” if required or an invitation to compete in a competition.

The Duty Operations Manager will distribute the Firearms Declaration and copy documents to the ship/s concerned, the destination port, Port Security and the Port Police both at the port of departure and destination.

Check-in/Embarkation: Vehicles
Original documents must be presented.
The Weapon and/or ammunition is to be retained in the boot or other locked space on the vehicle out of sight.
For Spanish sailings, the vehicle registration number, car model and type is to be noted for onward transmission to the Spanish Authorities prior to ship arrival.
Staff must check that no weapons and/or ammunition is/are visible from outside the vehicle.
A self adhesive rectangular red sticker is placed on the windscreen.
The vehicle is directed to a separate lane prior to loading.
On loading the vehicle is positioned in an area which can be monitored on the bridge.
The vehicle should be identified on disembarkation so that it can be directed according to local port regulations

P&O say....
Q: Can I take firearms?
Foot passengers are unable to carry firearms. When travelling in a vehicle, on the Dover to Calais route. You will need a 'European Firearms Pass' to take firearms into EU states. It is your responsibility to fulfil any additional or supplemental customs regulations, criteria or law.

When making the booking you will need to provide the serial numbers of all the weapons being carried. When onboard the ship you must report straight to the Ships' Information Desk. A senior member of crew will then take your vehicle keys and secure them for the duration of the crossing.

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