info wanted on BATUK pls

HI just been informed we are posted to BATUK in sept and was woundering if anyone was there or been there with some info on accomidation and evry day living would be nice to find out from someone who has lived there what goes on and what to expect x ty
It's a ******* dump of a country and if I never have to go back there I will be very happy!

Where you living etc depends on what you are doing there. TS stay in a hotel, exercising troops whilst in Nanyuki stay in hardened accommodation.

You can get all the normal toiletries in country so you don't need to lug a load across. Take advantage of the excellent AT, Savage Wilderness offers the best package. Stay at Sweet Waters saffari lodge if you get a chance, it's lovely. Don't leave anything lying around as it will be nicked.
Alex, if you want some dems RASPs for the LDA and Archers Post Training Areas to conduct STA training with the BG support Squadron just let me know.

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If your temp staff you are laughing, stay in local hotel with attatched whorehouse, AKA the sportsmans bar.
If your part of battlegroup you get stuck in a shitehole called Torraco farm before you get up country, right dive.

However blow sweet waters off and get to Mombassa on AT, big game fishing etc, awesome time there.

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