Info wanted about COMMCEN in Basra.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Yes_Sir!, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Anyone able to help please.

    Why? Because I get to spend this Christmas in the fcuker!!!

  2. what do you need to know?
  3. Easy, check PM's.

  4. Well its a commcen...its in Basra...

    If its anything like the one out here then expect to be swamped with messages for people on the other side of the world...

    Commcens a commcen right? I wouldnt know im not an op!
  5. no a commcen isnt always the same...

    commcen i worked at had on average 5 messages a day... now for a 12 hour shift just sitting there waiting for them was shite. so you have to ask what other facilities it has like standalone internet or sky tv.... or a tasty lil clerk who sticks her head in everynow and again and lets you bench her on nightshift.
  6. The guys here are working 3 days three nights then three off.. Read off as stagging on and general sh1t jobs!!
  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    So whats your beef fellas? Not enough work to do? Take a look outside the office sometimes guys and think yourselves lucky.

    Damn scaleys..... all techs in reality.. blah blah blah :)
  8. Suppose you've got a few kills to your name also?
  9. I take it you are coming over here with 1 mech then Yes_Sir!?

    Its not to bad over here (2 months left!!) We are in the process of moving around camps at the mo to make room for all the BG's coming in from the city.

    Its all good fun!!

    I was under the impression 1 mech would be out of here for xmas 07.
  10. My Bold.

  11. Fair enough :D

    See you on the RIP :)
  12. if you count mosquitos, yes.
  13. 1 Mech is back in uk by dec 14. Thats when leave starts
  14. Don't count your chickens just yet and this is not the place to discuss roulement plots!!
  15. HAHAHAHA, 6 weeks left *******.
    I am a Remf and i ******* love it.
    Commcen Rules.

    IT's ******* shit in the commcen, Nice 42" LCD for watching footy though, oh and a nice fridge.