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Would never be up to it, but have the utmost respect for all who've earned the right to earn a green lid. UKSF are the envy of the world, and although my experience is like most others, knowing serving or ex SF, their' knowledge and professionalism is a great target for any pers. Fair play to the 17yr old for wanting to achieve so high, he's right to be tempered by experience here, but we could do with a few more.
JutStar said:
Yeah im only young, 17. I take it your all in your early 30's ? i'm surrounded by people who are (have) been in the marines (armed forces) there allways giving me advice etc. Has anyone here attempted the UKSF ?

Don't get the wrong idea. Everyone on here takes the pi55 all the time whether they like the victim or not. That's a fundamental part of the Army - a very thick skin is required.

In short, the advice is go for it but best perhaps to concentrate on Lympstone first and don't wind up the instructors there by mouthing off about the SBS (which I'm sure you wouldn't anyway).

Get very fit, do your best to avoid any injuries and good luck.
Because he is an optimist and if he tells you so - you will :)
Playing with the mind - its a great technique

Do your best mate thats all you can do!


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