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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by JutStar, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Once you've done your 8 months training and then based at a commando unit for another 2 years. As a trade you can choose to apply for the SBS, as when the marines think your fit enough you can under go the 1 year training for the UKSF... Is this true?

    I got my PRMC on May 29th, failed 1st attempt 6 months ago but now im very confident that i will pass. I want to (hopefully) join the SBS when im older..

    any info would be helpfull!
  2. Concentrate on getting through the Commando Course first, mate. No offence, but there is no guarantee you'll get that far.

    As for SBS, they do Joint Special Forces Selection, which means they do the same Hill Phase as the Regiment. It used to be that Continuation/Trade Training for SBS took a full year, although I don't know if that's still the case.

    Good luck with the PRMC. Whatever you do, don not mention tht you want to go for SBS to any of the instructors - this is the equivelent of turning up for Basic and telling your training scre you intend to apply for the SAS as soon as possible!

    One final point; it might have ben better to Post this on RumRation.
  3. Concentrate on getting your green lid first of all. That's difficult enough.
  4. Yes i'm determined to pass this time. I don't want to get in and then pass all my training and pick a trade i don't want to do, i know its a long time yet but that would most certainly be my aim in life (sbs). Once im officialy in got my beret etc etc, do i put in a request or application for the sbs? i know nothing of the slightest what to do except once your fit enough they send you off for the 1 year training.
  5. Once you've done all that I expect you'll find out.
  6. Yes I rather think he will.

    JutStar, pass the commando course first, gain some experience as a bootie, then get your fitness up to scratch, then ask to go on Joint selection. Couldn't be easier.
  7. JutStar - it's great to have ambition but (to echo what's been said above) concentrate on getting your green lid first. That's exceptionally hard - I did it when I was 24 and running half-marathons and it damn near killed me.

    Thats all you're gonna know for quite a long time my friend.
  9. Mate you're gonna have to spend at least (AT LEAST) 3 years as a rifleman (sorry if that's not the correct term for a bootie, I was a pongo) before you are anywhere near good enough in terms of military skills to think about attempting UKSF selection. So forget the fitness side of it for the time being and concentrate on becoming a good soldier / bootie first. If you manage to get your green lid you will have to maintain a high level of fitness anyway.

    P.S. When I say at least 3 years I mean 3 years AFTER you have got your green lid.....the majority who pass UKSF have served for about 8-10 years.
  10. In other words, put it completely to the back of your mind.
  11. Ignore them. They're just jealous.

    Just cut out and keep your Cornflake packet tops. Once you have enough for a green beret, you need (I think) 5 more for the SBS.

    Simple enough really.

    Don't forget to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
  12. Good luck on going for the PRMC and if you are good enough you will achieve (glad to see you learnt from your wake up call previously). But remember this sets the minimum standards you should seek to achieve and does not auto qualify you for greater things.

    For UKSF you will need to be fit, knowledgeable, intelligent, mature and above all experienced and good at all that you do - not just fit. If you are that good someone may approach you first - however there is nothing to stop you volunteering when the time is right - for which there will be interviews, test and assessments. We have guys going through SF selection and training now and its no picnic thats for sure!

    Like all have said before its good to have a GOAL in life to head for. But be sensible knuckle down and prove your worth and then go for it. To show your cards to early will only mean a harder time at the start of a long road and greater risk of failure.

    Listen to those above because Integrity in knowing right from wrong is also a key trait too. There is a lot of experience here giving you quality information and advice - listen too it or not at your own peril

    Good luck

  13. You have to admire his enthusiasm or is it naivety? Oh to be young again!! :D
  14. You know what its like at that age - can take on the world and never wrong! - If I tried that attitude now 0A would kick my butt :)

    Oh heady days :)

    P.S Lets face it we have all been there!
  15. Yeah, it's a touch of both I think....It almost brings a tear to my eye when I imagine how they will be knocked out of him at Lympstone!!! :crying: !!