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Discussion in 'REME' started by Dennis48, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. I am trying to gather some information about arranging a Bugler to play the last post at my fathers funeral and also can the coffin be draped with the Union Jack? My father is Capt H.J Compton he joined the Suffolk/Warwickshire Regiment in 1940 when he was 17 he lied about his age and had a fake Birth Certificate. Because he was a Regular he was transferred to the the fledgling REME regiment in 1942 where he stayed till 1971.
    He was stationed at numerous places during his service Germany, Singapore, Persian Gulf and at one time was the RSM at SEME Savannah and Martinique Barracks in the early 60's before gaining his Commision and joining the Army Air Corps, he finally retired in 1972.
    At the moment he is in Palliative care in a Sunderland Nursing home being looked after by the Macmillan nurses suffering with an aggressive brain tumour. I would like to get some info so I can make the suitable arrangments when the time comes.
    I also need a contact for the Craftsman Magazine for the Obituary.

  2. old_fat_and_hairy

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  3. REME Association
    RHQ REME (H075)
    RG2 9NJ
    Tel: 0118 9763219

    Headed up I believe by Major (Retd) Mike Brown.

    Not sure on the Bugler , CAMUS are pretty strapped. But he would be best placed to advise.

    The Editor, The Craftsman Magazine, RHQ REME,
    H075 Isaac Newton Road, Arborfield, Berkshire RG2 9NJ.


    Beast AS
  4. Try the British Legion - one of our REME Association members wanted a military funeral and the RBL has a bugler who does all the funerals in the south (and has her own driver) - very good she was too.
  5. Also worth noting that there is REME TA nearby ish.

    102 Bn REME
    The Aycliffe Armoury,
    Northfield Way,
    Newton Aycliffe,
    County Durham
    DL5 6UR
    01325 307220

    Might be helpful for the loan of flags, Bugler contacts etc.
  6. What area are you in - I could probably get you the name of the secretary of your local REME Association branch. They should be able to help you out.
  7. Bad CO

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    Sorry to hear about your Dad, as he was in the AAC you may also want to try their band. Contact details on this page.
  8. As there is a AAC connection give Wallop a shout - Band are a cracking bunch. The MPGS used to have a shit hot bugler too. If you get stuck with anything give me a shout and I'll try and kick some useful buggers in your direction.
    Good luck!