Info required on Kings Troop RHA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by MacSapper, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. I never thought I would ever post on your Forum but needs must so here goes.

    My Niece is interested in joining the Kings Troop, I have been retired for a few years but even during my short 24 year stag I never come across any of the kings Troop even when I worked on the Royal Tournament.

    So rather than read all the gash that the MoD spouts about Units I thought that I should get the real answers from the Horses Arrse as it were.

    Her main question's are:-

    > Is there a selection process, (she's already a fully qual'd horse woman).

    > Are they only based in London.

    > What are the promotion prospects

    > How long can you stay in the troop

    Any reasonable answers will be passed on to her, no doubt I might have to vet some.

  3. Thanks GB
  4. Caveat to that - they are rumoured to be moving from St John's Wood as the 100 year lease is due to expire. Again rumour is they may end up with 70% of other Gunner units in Larkhill.

    She can stay with King's Troop (as in any Regt) as long as she likes, but will probably find that if and when she is promoted (get the ticks in boxes like anyone else) she will go to ther units to conduct EREs. For example she may head to Larkhill to be a Phase 2 instructor (I was TC for a female Bdr from King's Troop as one of my instructors at Ph2 - she got Sgt recently) and may conduct other courses to broaden her military knowledge. That is one thing with the Troop - it is mostly horses and ceremonial, not a lot of military, although I think they train to be DROPS drivers in wartime.

    One other thing on promotion - as King's Troop is relatively small, it has an element of "Dead Mans Shoes" ie wait for a slot to appear before you can be promoted into it. I am unsure of how bad this is, but know it exists.
  5. As never serving in the troop I can't comment on what I know from first hand experience BUT

    I knew a guy in who claimed that it was easy to get to Lance Jack for 2 reasons

    1. They had to have advanced Light gun qual which they did very quickly
    2. Gold stripes look good on the uniform

    But as I said it may be bowlocks

    Just to add to that however I knew another lad who got posted in to us from Kings Troop and he was a 6 yr Gnr which kind of delates the last comment

    I would like to point out that neither of them really enjoyed it, but thats personal opinions
  6. MacSapper, have you read your in box.
  7. MacSapper, have you read your in box.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    From Hansard:

    There is also a duty rumour that they will either move to Woolwich (Yes I know that we have just lost it!) or colocate with the HCR at Hyde Park.
  9. some of these rumours are just that, rumours. The Tp are looking at quite a few places within the M25 but not Knightsbridge. They might even be staying at the wood.