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Info required on Boxheed K98s and "Smellies"

Chaspesses and Chasps,

A mucker over on mil.com has discovered the delights of ex-mil weapons and would now like to acquire more, specifically he requires a bit of clueing up on K98s and Lee-Enfield SMLEs.

I'm sure Ugly can chip in with lotsa good info, as can Tartan Terrier.

It'd probably be a good idea not to let 4(T) know about this thread, otherwise he'll snow the fella in with so much fückin' info that his head'll be spinning. :D :D :D

Here's the actual mil.com thread with his requirements:


I'll also post a link to this thread across there, so he can follow it.

Cheers a bunch, fellas.

There are several discussion forums devoted to the Lee Enfield and others, I have no doubt, covering the K98 - and any other military arm that people like to collect and shoot. I think the best of the LE forums is at http://www.jouster.com/cgi-bin/lee-enfield/lee-enfield.pl - it benefits from regular posts by a very senior British Army armourer not a million miles from the SchInf weapons collection. Background on the LE is available at http://enfieldrifles.profusehost.net/main.htm and, mixed in with a lot of other stuff, at http://www.303british.com/index.html - and then, of course, there is the Lee Enfield Rifle Association at http://lera.org.uk/news.php

They tell me this sort of stuff is addictive. I can give it up any time I want to.
"Relay through Bugsy"

No 4 Mk II was accepted into service on 31st March 1949; interestingly ROF Fazakerley was the only Royal Ordnance Factory to make this Mk of No 4.


Sober again now, what remark?
Anyone remember Ratio Markt and barrels of K98k's inside the gun section, no licence required then?

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