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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by onthecards, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Read a few posts here about long/longer runs, and just looking for more info to improve my fitness if you don't mind...
    At Phase 1 do you have set times for the longer runs to be completed in?
    Do you do the longer runs in full kit or in your hi-tec trainers??
    Any feedback???
    Start end of March at Pirbright.
    Just started the fitness booklet, and my 1.5mile time is 10mins(at adsc)-still 10mins, been out 3times this week. Can do 50 situps(arms folded across chest). 40 pressups at a push - need to work on this, get 20 no bother, 30 taxing and 40 knacked! also 3times this week. Do admit upper body strength isn't good.
    I'm an elderly applicant(not giving too much away and all that)!!
    But went out today on longer run, 3miles, and it was slight sleet/snow up north - did it in 30mins, comfortably, but not at high pace or push. Think i'll need to work on this. Think i'll do more 3milers and increase the miles every week or so.
    Any advice?
  2. As far as I am aware the army dont do runs in boots as that would be plain stupid.

    The only timed long runs I have heard of was the 10 miles one that has to be done in 1 hour 15 but I think thats is only required for marines or something.

    To be frank as an elderly applicate that can do the 1.5 in 10 mins and 3 miles in 30 mins (a bit weak) will be near enough any requirement.

    Although personally I would never have to bother so are not speaking from experiance you should proberly work on your endurance for practical purposes do an hour run not 30 mins. Your 30 min pace is to slow for 30 mins to achive anything do it for an hour. You will not be expected to do any marathons in TA but you should be able to walk 30 miles a day comfortably with full kit so you should try that. Being old streach and make sure you dont get too fat it may take a whoile to get your joints ligaments up to strength and flexable this can be the case for people as young as 30 if they have lived a sedatory life style.
  3. Don't listen to this fool. He failed the TA and got kicked out. SNLR.
  4. Yeah thanks "Bossdog". i'll try to ignore him, just looking for advice and attempt to "mix" in the community. it was my first "long run" as such and it was snowing for ten mins! jesus, cold!!
    i'll be 31 when starting basic, so i think i'll just do a lot of longer runs and pressups, and enjoy my time when i get there!!!

  5. In agreement Bossdog
    The biggest load of crap since Poo Pong McPlop lost his job at the Poo Palace lavortary in Poo land.
    Can you people who answer questions on this forumn only answer from your own experience once you've actually done it and not from what the neighbours dog told the cat next door. Also before starting a thread please, please check on the thousands of threads beforehand on the same subject as its getting quite annoying and THE_Mentalist will get upset again.

    Apologies to those people I upset with this post but mess hangover from yesterday wont go away :cry:
  6. Drink more Smiths :wink:
  7. Ive tried doing that but its getting worst, will have to try the port next just to take the taste of yesterdays champagne breakfast away. Bloody mess doo's at xmas, got seniors to officers on Monday aswell :roll:
  8. I've drank too much also lately - giving me heart palpitations ffs!
  9. Back at work Mon after 2 weeks visiting the Antartic (UK). Drunk to excess every night and came back to silly season.

    Ah well, someones got to do it :D

    At your request IRON!!!

    I also had a hangover that would kill a civvy, but then got pi$$ed again, did the trick for me!

  11. Was waiting for that :D