*info request armed police slaries*

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by AIRBORNEJOCK, Jun 10, 2011.

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    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Does anyone know how much more an armed response police officer gets payed in relation to a normal p.c?
    before i get beasted the internat is full of normal pc salaries not the armed police weve got the pay and review board in on mon and ive been dicked as im a gobby **** to go and talk to them.

    cheers for any help
  2. What relation does armed police pay have with pay in the military? It's different jobs in different places with different lifestyles, different standards, different equipment. I can't think of a single thing, other than occasionally carrying a gun round and that we both wear a uniform, that's the same between the two jobs.

    You'll also find that coppers don't get half the allowances and perks that we get, so their cash pay may be more than our's but I doubt the package is worth a significant amount more.
  3. Look up PC's pay, there you have it, "armed police" is a role not a rank or pay scale. Unless the individual force offers a special prioity payment it is the same as any other PC at their paypoint.
  4. I can't see where you think you can go with this. The AFPRB have heard all the comments possible regarding the rates of pay of other uniformed services, and have addressed them all in their annual reports. What we get is a comparable wage to civvies doing broadly similar jobs (though not getting shot at, I'd agree) multiplied by the X-factor.

    Are you suggesting that the X-factor is too low?
  5. This is from 2007.I added the red bit......
    Police Close Protection v Military Close Protection

    The Met Prot teams still get allowances for suits and dinner jackets, I think its 2 per year. As to wages..... most officers are over the 15 year mark so are on close to £38.000 per year with allowances. Add to that a £5000 bonus payment for the role they do add to that the overtime of several thousand and you are looking at £50.000 per year average. When I left I wasn't far off that and that was 3 years ago.
  6. I'd like to suggest the X-factor be shot by armed police.
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  7. the pay scales are the same as a regular PC, they will most likely rake it in in OT but to the best of my knowledge they will be on about 30k a year
  8. At present,the armed officers in my old lot get £3k p a for carrying firearms.This will change soon though,as everyone is cutting back and one of the forces they are considering collaborating with, don't pay their firearms officers the bonus.

    The figure quoted by vvaannmmaann is nearer the mark than the one quoted by mrrandom,however you have to put the (unsociable) hours in to get that.
  9. Im Met Police these days and I carry. Im not paid anymore than my non carrying colleagues mate. There is something called a Special Priority Payment that gives some of us a sort of bonus payment each year in recognition of us performing an under subscribed or particularly skilled or anti social role, (this differs for each department) but is very likely to be binned this year. Other than that its the same pay for non armed officers as it is for those of us that are armed. Basically pay is based on the length of time you've been in, not what you do as a role.

    Hope this helps
  10. How many armed officers does it take to crack a brazil's nut?
  11. I was just qouting from the payscale I had for an officer who had done enough time to be accepted into the TFU/ARV

  12. joking aside, A few years ago i went out with a girl who worked for CEop, the specialist child protection agency. She was a lovely girl however the work crucified her and her drinking got to be more than an issue. Sadly we split and as far as im aware shes still there and probably doing a bottle of vodka a day. I wanted kids, she wouldnt even consider the idea on account of what she saw day in day out so that was that. Wouldnt wish a job like that on my worst enenemy and cant comprehend how people can do such a job voluntarily. would that be a job that would be classed as an anti-social role?
  13. Its more to do with hours worked etc, if your on 24 hour call out or the like then they give you an extra wedge for putting you life on hold, there was a report in the media of a firearms officer who took home something like 100K due to all the call outs and long shifts he did
  14. hers was 9-5 - sad really how a job you do to pay the bills ends up ruining you life and i remember how excited she was at having no more shift work. two years later shes on vodka for breakfast. very sad.