info req for transfering to rmp from rlc

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by sharkie, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. i am a cpl in the rlc as a driver rad op. and i am doing some digging around as to how easy it is to transfer trades.
    as i am currently on high pay band will i lose money by transfering?? will i lose my rank?? will i need to resit my gcse's so they are 2 at c or above?
    i did try calling the transfer line and got through to an rmp WO but he wasnt very help ful and i got the jist that he was having a bad day so i said thanks and did one.
    if any one can help me answer these and any questions i havent thought of please get in touch
  2. Sharkie if you are looking at transferring into the RMP and having approached an RMP WO he has not been that helpful in his dealings with you, then I am a little shocked. I would suggest that your first ports of call be your RCMO and the RAWO who in turn can liaise with APC for answers.

    As for the RMP WO having a bad day; you probably interrupted his NAAFI break and Loose Women viewing time :D You seem a nice enough chap who no doubt has lots of friends.......why would you wish to ruin all that :roll:
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You will have to get your arms lengthened so that your knuckles drag on the floor.
  4. and get yourself down to Dunkin' Donuts my friend to put on some extra pounds 8O

  5. see PM

  6. see pm
  7. Since he is transferring from the RLC he will almost certainly be in posession of the mandatory extra pounds already. :wink:
  8. True :D
  9. Yeah, too right. Never mind the middle ranking scum, you go straight to the top mate.
  10. As that's how clerks like their men.
  11. I can count on no fingers the amount of loggie VTs I've met who have done well. That's none, just in case any Pioneers are reading. Oh, my bad, Pioneers reading??
  12. Sharkie; as you can see, you will be welcomed with open arms...

    By the way you didn't by any chance happen to come off the QBHL this year did you :? as that would also make you exceptionally popular......whilst also helping to raise the profile of the Corps a wee bit :lol:
  13. no sorry i havent come off the qbhl sorry.

    though if i could drag this thread back on track!?!?....

    what is the training like? is it 22 weeks of head f@@king? or what?
  14. Sharkie, hang in there someone with up to date knowledge will respond. I'm sure.

    PlasticMatron try some of your own advice
    Get over the fact that you do a girls job, are homosexual and can't spell.
  15. Not head f@@king, but arrse f@@king at the Dogging Site on Portsdown Hill I heard 8O