info req for new assignment

have received a posting order to jhsu 27 sqn gl sect.
can any one give me a heads up as to what the score is down there. also any information on the local area of raf odiham as i have a wife and 3 kids who are all moving with me . any helpful info would be greatly received

and please dont use this post for general abuse

Lucky you. JHSU was always a posting I fancied, even back when they had a JHSU(G) at RAF Guttersloh. Something different with helicopters for a few years.
wow not many responses as yet?!
so i take it that not alot of people know much about the area etc
The GL section is (IIRC) Ground liaison, are you a rad-op? JHSU, the Joint Helicopter Support Unit, is mainly about slinging loads under helicopters, and ensuring the logistics chain between the RAF helicopter fleet and the army works correctly. If you are not a rad op I suspect you will spend a great deal of time under hovering Chinooks getting cold and dusty attaching underslung loads.
It is however, from former friends who have been posted there, good fun with plenty of travel.
yes i am a rad op, i will be working the other side of camp to jhsu, thou i have the option of popping over occasionally to help etc.....
to re jig this stale post.
i might be moving across to jhsu next year any info about the job i could be doing there as i am a dvr/rad op

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