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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by keystone, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Hello. I am new to this website , so I hope I am using this correctly and have posted this thread in the right forum area. I am 14 years old and just choosing my options at school. I am very keen on becoming an officer in the RMP. I have read as much info as I can find. At first my mum and dad said if I really wanted to join the Army I should gain technical qualifications and go for one of the technical regiments, like RE or Signals, but I am most interested in the military policing role. My question is , I can find loads of info on the route into Sandhurst via Welbeck and what gcse's and A levels to achieve, if that was the case, but, can anyone tell me about relevant subjects I could study to help me reach my goal for a commission in the RMP. Is it possible to join straight after A levels rather than having to go to uni ? If university is the best direction is there a degree course that would be good to do?

    I hope that all makes sense and someone can give some advice
  2. You don't have any freinds at school do you?

    Ha ha, only kidding. But seriously get some friends.

    To be an hofficer in the British Army you don't need specific quals, just a A-levels and a Degree (in some cases the degree matters but in most cases including the RMP it doesn't really).

    That said, you could look in to A-levels/degree that would compliment your career choice.

    English and Law, for example, as A-levels. Although remember the Army has its own 'laws'.

    You also need to remember if the monkies don't take you on, or your application to join doesn't pan out you could be buggered by being to specific.

    But you're only 14, so sit back enjoy the GCSEs and see if you still want to be a monkey whey you are 16.

    I'd also recommend you join the ACF or similar uniformed organisation. I say this alot, but you can't beat some DofE or similar ardous activities for building your character (I wasn't even in ACF as a youth by the way) but it can cme in handy for your app to Uni, RMAS and of course the monkies.

    You may find a police cadets in your area where you can play at being a bobby. Could give some useful insightsin to the police role, although bear in mind that the CivPol is a bit different to RMP.

    And, of course, you may find some friends by joining such a uniformed youth organisation.

    If there is a TA or reg RMP unit near you, you could ask them for a visit. I am sure they'd love to show you around. Mainly because none of them have any friends, and you could fill that void... if only for a short while.
  3. Why RMP???
  4. Not to mention they'll almost certainly ask, if you don't, why you didn't and 'I didn't feel like spending my afternoons dressed in green taking orders from someone' probably won't go down too well
  5. He is going for teh RMP though :D
  6. Why not? :rmp:
  7. Thanks for your replies , I am a member of the CCF at school, I also do Martial arts and and will sart Dof E next year. Thanks for advice , I knew I'd get some stick for wanting to join RMP , I have plenty of friends thanks !!! so I'll make the most of it while I still do !!
  8. Because we haven't had an RMP Careers thread since...oohh, last Tuesday?
  9. See you next Tuesday!!! :D