Info please on phase 2 CMT

PLease can someone help, I have spent hours trawling through the forums but still cant find the info that myself and others require.
I will be starting phase 2 soon, I already did basic training years ago but am re-joining.
How long is the training to be a CMT?
What level do you come out at?
What is the pay whle doing phase 2 and how much will it be once phase 2 has been completed?
What is the next chance of pay rise?
When do you choose or get told which unit you go to?
Please dont tell me to read the previous threads cos I've done that and cant find any of these answers.
Thanks very much, just remember...........I could be saving your life 1 day!
Phase 2 Training for CMT's lasts for 20 weeks common core, followed by 6 weeks single service continuation training for army medics. Not sure about pay - may vary depending on what rank you were previously etc.

You will normally find out about postings towards the end of training, once you are in single service. I don't believe you will have much choice, as you will be sent to where there are gapped posts.

You will pass out as a Class 2 CMT, qualified to work under the supervision of a clinician / senior medic.

Expect to be deployed on ops within 1 year of passing out from phase 2.

Enjoy :D :D :D

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