Info please: Electrician training TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Red_Stafford, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi all im currently unemployed and struggling to find the right job, I really want to learn a trade like Electrician and was wondering the path I would have to take to learn this trade in the TA and how long it takes before you start training in a chosen trade ?
  2. REME either 102 or 103BN REME depending where you live?
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  3. What does this mean ??

    I am in Leicester
  4. I was under the impression that Electrician was a dead trade in the REME and its vehicle or small generator, bespoke (FEPDS) distribution systems only. For the original poster, if you are talking about being a household/industrial electrician, that's the Royal Engineers bailiwick and we do not train members of the TA to be electricians. If you want a trade join the regulars, otherwise get off your arrse and into further education.
  5. Perhaps this will help?

    REME TA Battalions

    Like the Regular REME Battalions, a TA Battalion is made up of predominantly REME Officers and Soldiers; they also contain all the various trades that REME TA has to offer.

    The TA Battalion is divided up into sections called Companies but unlike the Regular REME Battalions, a TA Company is not in the same place as their other Companies. This makes it easier to travel to.

    Currently REME TA has 4 TA Battalions with Companies spread over the UK;

    101 Force Support Battalion - Wrexham - Regional Only
    119 Recovery Company - Prestatyn
    126 Field Company - Coventry
    127 Field Company - Manchester

    102 Battalion REME (V) - Newton Aycliffe - Regional & National
    124 Recovery Company - Newton Aycliffe
    153 Field Company - Grangemouth
    186 Field Company - Newcastle upon Tyne

    103 Battalion REME(V) - Crawley - Regional & National
    150 Recovery Company - Redhill
    128 Field Company - Portsmouth
    133 Field Company - Ashford

    104 Force Support Battalion - Bordon - Regional Only
    118 Recovery Company - Northampton
    146 Field Company - Rotherham
    147 Field Company - Scunthorpe

    First Line REME TA Units

    Like the Regular REME units, REME TA are also attached to every TA Regiment that form a small workshop. This is called a 'Light Aid Detachment' (LAD).

    From here, REME soldiers can maintain and repair the units equipment where and when it brakes down. If the repair is too large and complex they can ask the REME Battalion to carry out the repairs.

    There are numerous REME TA units around the UK, if in doubt email or give us a ring;

    Phone: 0118 9763253
  6. Sorry mate, you wont get it. The idea is you bring your civillian skills to the T.A. and they give you the military skills. However if your a sparky already, the continuation training is excellent.
  7. Oh and its the R.Es you want
  8. I dont want to join regular as I have a young daughter and wife that I couldn't be away from ??

    And also due to your derogatory comment about me getting or my "arrse" to train as an electrician costs thousands and I dont have thousands due to been unemployed
  9. Well, if your unemployed you will get it heavily subsidised. You better be quick though, the colleges are rammed with Poles, Latvians etc taking advantage of the UKs generosity. Not too many english kitchen sink, dole grabbing, Jeremy Kyle guests to be seen though
  10. Speak to someone at the job centre about re-training.
    Enough companies out their offering training, even free to dole jockey's like you!
    Had you thought of using google to look for yourself at all?
  11. Tough tits then. If we restrict regular Sparkies to giving another 3 years of service from the end of their basic course as its a sought after trade, do you really think we would waste it on a part timer? If you do not want to commit to a full time career, why would we waste cash to train you up to only get 6 weekends a year and a camp out of you whilst you use the expensive training during the week? Its not worth our while and the TA is also not a training scheme. You wont get trained as a sparky looking for a quick leg up from the TA, you have enough spare time on your hands that we subsidise already, use it to find a further education provider.
  12. Try a loggie unit, they will train the right people up as an HGV driver.

  13. wait a second, if your that much of a family man shouldn't you be willing to join a Regular unit? the Regs offer your family heavily subsidised housing, good schooling for your kid and you will have a regular income in one of the most secure jobs going.
    Think about it mate, i've got a pal joining the Signals as a sparky and he has a kid and a wife. He is joining for the benefits. good for him
  14. The TA can offer all sorts of vocational training, paid, like HGV, bike licence and so on.

    You will first need to run 1.5 miles in 10.30 mins or less and do an 8 mile hike with pack & rifle across hills in around 2 hrs.... hello? I was saying...

    It's a commitment and may affect your benefit claim but if you think about it ....what?....sorry?.... Yes may affect....

    Not for you, you say?