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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Thunder, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

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  2. You get a grey form during your recruitng process with hundreds of little boxes asking for your entire family history and all your addresses. I think it's done at the same time you fill in all your other forms (mine was).

    That's what I was given, and was told it was a security check by my recruiter.
  3. Majority of SC jobs dont require vetting till in training as directed by the relevant SPSO, only a couple require it during the Application process ..CTC and DV is done during the application process aswell for those applicants that require it ....however once allocated every applicant completes the BASIC Disclosure to ensure they have been truthful on their Rehabilitation of Offenders 493.
  4. First part totally wrong...CTC for those who need Northen Ireland etc.........DV for higher rated jobs as directed like RMP/INT and done prior to Phase 1...SC like Signals and jobs that have you working with weapons mostly done at phase 2...if you fail these during training for what ever reason you may be able to look at changing jobs depending why you werent accepted....what job are you trying for???
  5. Not quite that simple . As an infantryman I had to be SC for a course at Chicksands . While there we were told that the Int corps recruits that were cutting around did not have clearance above CTC at that point in their training and that they do the SC/DV later as it costs so much. By doing the vetting later it cut out all the drop outs.

    As for promotion as far as I know all officers are cleared to SC from day one . In the Infantry you can go all the way up through the ranks without being cleared it all depends on your job in the Bn, for instance a member of the Int Pl or Sigs Pl would have clearance, but a not a member of a rifle Pl.

    While in certain corps (Int/ R Sig) even the most junior ranks could need DV but it is due to their job not their rank.
  6. Yes you are unless you have a massive shady past your trying to keep secret from the army
  7. Comms Operators and Engineers don't need DV - and if at any point you do, it won't be 'til way later in your career. Those operators who are going to be posted at 14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare) require a higher level of clearance, as a couple of my friends who are operators that opted for that posting had to go through a similar if not the same process as those undergoing DV.

    DV isn't a problem, all they're doing is checking you can't be blackmailed, essentially. If you watch old women getting nailed by donkeys on the internet in your spare time, it's not a problem - just gotta tell 'em.

    Don't worry about it mate, unless your girlfriend is Russian or your Dad is a big supporter of local islamic terrorist groups.